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15 Underrated Robin Williams Performances That Remind Us Why We Love Him

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You might not think there could be too many underrated Robin Williams performances, given how universally beloved the late actor was. Remember, though - he not only made movies for several decades, but also worked across just about every genre you can image, except for the Western. Few performers have had the kind of career breadth that he did.

It's easy to appreciate his Oscar-winning turn in Good Will Hunting, or his blockbuster work in Mrs. Doubtfire, or the legendary vocal performance he gave in Disney's Aladdin. Those are just a few of his most beloved performances. Plenty of others were just as interesting - they just either weren't properly appreciated at the time or they've been overshadowed by his biggest works. Each of the following roles he played offers a chance to see one of our greatest-ever movie stars showcasing a different side of his immense talent.

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