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17 Wildly Different Performances That Prove Robin Williams Could Do Everything

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The comedic superstar is no longer with us, but the best Robin Williams performances will endure forever. Williams, who took his own life in 2014, had Lewy body dementia, a degenerative disorder that causes confusion, personality changes, and severe depression, among other symptoms. His passing was a sad end for someone who brought so much joy to the world. 

Despite that sadness, how can anyone look at his filmography and not smile? Williams started in stand-up comedy, became famous playing an alien on the hit sitcom Mork & Mindy, then jumped to the big screen. There, he spent decades surprising and delighting audiences with the scope of his talent. He could do every type of comedy, from silly slapstick to biting satire. As good as he was earning laughs, Williams was just as skilled at drama. His work in movies like Dead Poets Society and Good Will Hunting made an indelible mark on the cinematic landscape. No wonder he was nominated for an Oscar four times.

The best Robin Williams roles tap into elements of his own personality. The star always spoke openly of the highs and lows he experienced in life. In the best of moments, those experiences infused themselves into his work. Without a doubt, he could do anything. 

  • If there's one role that perfectly straddles the comedic/dramatic line Robin Williams frequently walked, it's Adrian Cronauer in Good Morning, Vietnam. The real Cronauer was a disc jockey for the Armed Forces Radio Service whose irreverent on-air behavior repeatedly rankled his superiors. 

    What makes the role so powerful is that it plays to both of its star's strengths. For scenes of Cronauer broadcasting, director Barry Levinson let Williams do his thing. The actor ad-libs and goes off on the kinds of hilarious tangents that made him one of the most unique voices in comedy. Outside the booth, however, the character is dealing with the ugly, tragic realities of the Vietnam War. That side of the story let Williams stretch his dramatic muscles. 

    He combined these two sides so well that he was honored with the first of his Academy Award nominations. 

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  • Williams's Oscar-winning dramatic turn in Good Will Hunting gave audiences the exact opposite of his regular persona. Instead of being loud and outrageous, his character, therapist Sean Maguire, is quiet and introspective. He listens intently rather than talking a mile a minute, as Williams did onstage and in many of his comedy films. 

    It's not just the change of affect that makes the performance memorable. The actor conveys the qualities any good therapist needs to have - patience, empathy, and compassion. Williams's performance exudes those things, giving the movie an emotional punch as Maguire aids Will Hunting in healing from trauma. 

    Considering his presence on screen was always comforting, the casting of Robin Williams as a therapist was nothing less than inspired.

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    Hiring celebrities to do voice work in animated features is common. Less common is when one of those celebrities single-handedly makes a character indelible. You will find no better example of this than Williams's performance as the Genie in Disney's Aladdin. He's both Robin Williams and not Robin Williams at the same time.

    Getting to play a magical character completely liberated the actor. He was allowed to improvise however he wanted, resulting in a madcap turn that adds a ton of color to the film. Although Genie is often hilariously riffing, the star was shrewd enough to know that couldn't be all there was to him. Underneath the wisecracks, puns, and celebrity impersonations, Williams made sure to convey how happy the character is to finally be freed from his bottle, and how he's subsequently eager to help the titular hero in any way he can.

    The actor's work in Aladdin is widely considered to be one of the finest voice acting performances of all time.

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    Jumanji found Williams in big-budget blockbuster territory. The high concept, FX-laden film is about a man freed from the board game he's been trapped in for 26 years. Two kids let him loose, but also bring out a horde of wild animals. They work together to get those animals back inside the game.

    Many scenes in the film require Williams to act against nothing since the beasts were added in later on. He slips naturally into this type of picture, thanks to the tremendous sense of imagination we know he had. Many actors would have gotten swallowed up by all the effects, but his intense charisma allows Williams to hold his own against the menagerie of CGI animals that were a major selling point of the picture. He's as big and magical as they are, and he refuses to be upstaged.

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