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17 Wildly Different Performances That Prove Robin Williams Could Do Everything

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The comedic superstar is no longer with us, but the best Robin Williams performances will endure forever. Williams, who took his own life in 2014, had Lewy body dementia, a degenerative disorder that causes confusion, personality changes, and severe depression, among other symptoms. His passing was a sad end for someone who brought so much joy to the world. 

Despite that sadness, how can anyone look at his filmography and not smile? Williams started in stand-up comedy, became famous playing an alien on the hit sitcom Mork & Mindy, then jumped to the big screen. There, he spent decades surprising and delighting audiences with the scope of his talent. He could do every type of comedy, from silly slapstick to biting satire. As good as he was earning laughs, Williams was just as skilled at drama. His work in movies like Dead Poets Society and Good Will Hunting made an indelible mark on the cinematic landscape. No wonder he was nominated for an Oscar four times.

The best Robin Williams roles tap into elements of his own personality. The star always spoke openly of the highs and lows he experienced in life. In the best of moments, those experiences infused themselves into his work. Without a doubt, he could do anything.