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The 15 Most Underrated Romance Anime You Should Check Out

Updated 22 Feb 2019 5.9k votes 1.8k voters 43.8k views15 items

If you're a romance anime fan, there are some shows that you've definitely seen - or at least had recommended to you more times than you can count. There's only so many times that a person can watch My Love Story! or Yuri on Ice before they need something a little bit different. 

For those who are getting suggestions for romance anime you've already seen or know you're not interested in, you need some underrated romance anime recommendations. One great option is Natsuyuki Rendesvouz, an anime about a man vying with a ghost for the affections of his widow. Another is The Great Passage, which combines romance with an unusual subject - dictionary making.

Underwatched romance anime appears in all genres and ranges from lighthearted romcoms to deep explorations of the human psyche. Whatever you're looking for, if you're a romance fan then there's something on this list for you. Vote up the shows you know you like, or plan to watch next.

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