19 Undervalued New Shows People Are Actually Watching

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We watch TV to entertain ourselves, to stimulate our imaginations, and to provide background noise when we're folding laundry. But perhaps more important, we watch TV so we have something to talk about with people. We're blessed with the problem of too much choice, however, which can make it hard to know which shows are actually being watched and enjoyed by other TV fans, and which ones are just getting advertised a lot. 

That's why this list exists! We want TV fans like you to vote up the new shows you've actually been watching and enjoying. Never heard of a series on this list? Check out our description and watch it yourself, then come back to vote it up or down. 

  • Reacher
    Photo: Reacher
    627 VOTES

    Where To Watch: Amazon Prime

    Why It's Great: Simply called Reacher, to distinguish it from the Tom Cruise Jack Reacher films of the 2010s and Amazon's other big action thriller Jack Ryan, this new show offers exactly what action fans are looking for. It's got lots of suspense, high-octane fight sequences, and a very bulky lead playing the titular role (fans of the original book series by Lee Child were less than pleased about the casting of Cruise because of his slighter stature). Where so many new shows want to make a big show of how deep and contemplative they are, Reacher is counting on the fact that you'd like a little mindless fun. And if you let your guard down, you'll find it surprises you with its clever yet unpretentious sense of humor.

    Actors: Alan Ritchson, Willa Fitzgerald, Kristen Kreuk, Malcolm Goodwin

    Premiered: February 4, 2022

  • Murderville
    Photo: Netflix
    359 VOTES

    Where To Watch: Netflix

    Why It's Great: The last few years have seen a renewed interest in improv comedy among TV audiences (one that expands beyond Whose Line Is It Anyway, that is). Will Arnett heads this series with an impressively novel concept, mixing mystery and improvisation with celebrity guests. Each episode, a different celeb must help the detective, played by Arnett, solve a murder. If you prefer genuine, spontaneous laughs over scripted ones, you're going to love Murderville.

    Actors: Will Arnett, Conan O'Brien, Kumail Nanjiani, Marshawn Lynch, Annie Murphy, Ken Jeong

    Premiered: February 3, 2022

  • Severance
    Photo: Severance
    240 VOTES

    Where To Watch: Apple TV+

    Why It's Great: Severance is modern sci-fi at its best. It reminds us of Black Mirror: clear in its critique of modern technology without being obvious, and without sacrificing story. The show stars Adam Scott as the manager at an office where workers have had their memories surgically divided, literally separating their work and their personal lives. The drama begins when the appearance of a work colleague has them questioning what it is they do in their professional lives. Imaginative and engrossing, this show from Apple TV+ isn't getting nearly as much attention as it should be. 

    Actors: Adam Scott, Britt Lower, Patricia Arquette, Dichen Lachman, John Tuturro

    Premiered: February 18, 2022

  • Pieces of Her
    Photo: Pieces of Her
    138 VOTES

    Where To Watch: Netflix

    Why It's Great: "It has Toni Collette in it" should be enough to sell you on this show, but if you're going to be stubborn about it, we'll say more. This mystery series follows a young cop (Bella Heathcote) whose mother (Collette) commits a heroic - and completely out-of-character - act of aggression to save the patrons of a diner from a mass shooting, promping her daughter to question whether she has a hidden past. If you've seen David Cronenberg's A History of Violence, you'll find the premise familiar. But don't worry: The added mystery element makes for a unique story that's anything but derivative. 

    Actors: Toni Collette, Bella Heathcote, Jessica Barden, Jacob Scipio, Gil Birmingham

    Premiered: March 4, 2022

  • Our Flag Means Death
    Photo: Our Flag Means Death

    Where To Watch: HBO Max

    Why It's Great: Just as Taika Waititi put his goofy but lovable spin on horror in What We Do in the Shadows, he brings his sensibilities to the high seas in Our Flag Means Death. Centered on the decision by Stede Bonnet, a coddled landowner who leaves the world of the English aristocracy behind, to become a pirate, this comedy is surprisingly soft-edged for a story about bloodthirsty swashbucklers. It doesn't have the same propensity for belly laughs that What We Do in the Shadows does, but Waititi's talent for creating endearing characters should be enough to keep most viewers entertained. 

    Actors: Rhys Darby, Taika Waititi, Vico Ortiz, Joel Fry, Nat Faxon, Kristian Nairn, Samson Kayo

    Premiered: March 3, 2022

  • The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window
    Photo: Netflix

    Where To Watch: Netflix

    Why It's Great: From its title, you can probably tell that The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window is meant to be a satire of suburban psych thrillers. In fact, it seems to be a pretty spot-on parody of The Woman in the Window, a movie Netflix released less than a year earlier about an agoraphobe who witnesses a misdeed in the house across the street. But TWITHATSFTGITW (even as an acronym it's bulky) rides a thin line between parody and sincerity, mimicking the target of its ridicule so well that you're often unsure if the show is joking. Regardless, this series is a great binge-watch, with a strong sense of what you love about crime thrillers. 

    Actors: Kristen Bell, Tom Riley, Michael Ealy, Mary Holland

    Premiered: January 28, 2022