15 Underrated Slice Of Life Anime You Probably Haven’t Seen

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Slice of life is an underrated anime genre to begin with. With its focus on everyday life, some people might dismiss it as boring. But there's more to the genre than meets the eye. If you like comedy or romance, slice of life usually includes both. It also features awesome character development

Some of the best slice of life anime does get attention from the anime community, but there's a whole world of underrated slice of life anime that's worth checking out. From older series like Hataraki Man to more modern shows like The Aquatope on White Sand, there's plenty to choose from. Maybe you'll find a new favorite on this list.


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    Somali and the Forest Spirit

    Somali and the Forest Spirit
    Photo: Somali and the Forest Spirit / Satelight, HORNETS

    Golem is a forest spirit who has little time left to live. He's spent his entire existence protecting the forest, but when he comes across an abandoned human child, that changes.

    In this world, humans are nearly extinct and are generally despised by other species. The only way for this child to survive is if she's reunited with other humans, so Golem makes up his mind to help her find them. As they progress in their journey, the two begin to develop a father-daughter bond.

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    March Comes in Like a Lion

    If you only watch one slice of life anime in your life, make it this one. The series follows Rei Kiriyama, a talented shogi player who is experiencing severe depression after losing his parents, being raised in a complicated foster home, and being largely ignored by his classmates. He finds solace in his friendship with the Kawamoto sisters, a family who treats him as one of their own.

    This a beautifully animated story with complexity and emotional depth. 

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  • Sweetness and Lightning
    Photo: Sweetness and Lightning / TMS Entertainment

    Whether you watch Sweetness and Lightning for the food or for the family story, you won't be disappointed.

    After his wife passes, Kouhei Inuzuka struggles to balance his career as a teacher with being a single parent to his 3-year-old daughter Tsumugi. One of his biggest challenges is feeding her. When he realizes he's been relying too much on convenience store bento boxes and that his daughter deserves a home-cooked meal, he teams up with one of his students, Kotori, to learn how to cook. This benefits Kotori, too, since her mother is often absent from home, leaving Kotori to manage the family restaurant by herself.

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    Flying Witch
    Photo: Flying Witch / J.C.Staff

    In the world of Flying Witch, witches leave home at age 15 to study witchcraft in a new setting. In keeping with tradition, apprentice witch Makoto Kowata moves from her parents' home in Yokahama to her relatives' home in Aomori.

    While she gets used to life in the country, her family gets used to her magic. But from screaming mandrakes to anthropomorphic dog fortune tellers, there's plenty of magic to be discovered in her new world. 

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  • Poco's Udon World
    Photo: Poco's Udon World / LIDENFILMS

    Souta Tawara is exhausted by his life in Tokyo, so he decides to take a break in his hometown of Kagawa.

    Upon visiting the udon restaurant his parents used to run, he discovers a small child covered in grime. It turns out that this child is actually a shapeshifting tanuki. Human or not, he seems lonely, so Souta takes him in and names him Poco.

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    The Pet Girl of Sakurasou

    The Pet Girl of Sakurasou
    Photo: The Pet Girl of Sakurasou / J.C.Staff

    Sorata Kanda does not want to live in Sakura Hall, a dormitory full of weirdos and misfits. At first, his only goal is to get out as soon as possible. As he starts to get to know its members, he realizes he's exactly where he needs to be. Sure, his roommates are weird, but they're also incredibly creative people who give him the encouragement he needs to make games like he's always wanted to.

    His burgeoning relationship with Mashiro Shiina, an artistic genius with questionable life skills, makes him even more inclined to stay. But will that be possible?

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