11 Super Underrated Studio Ghibli Movies You Probably Haven't Seen

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So you own a Totoro plushie, made your own soot sprites, and named your cat after Jiji from Kiki’s Delivery Service, but have you seen these underrated Studio Ghibli films? If not, grab a buddy and some popcorn because Ghibli’s catalog is a lot bigger than the five or six Miyazaki films you've probably seen. In this list of Studio Ghibli films you should watch, you’ll find a movie for whatever mood you’re in, and each one contains the Ghibli hallmarks of timeless themes, moving narratives, and compelling characters.

Some of these Studio Ghibli films people haven't seen, like Grave of the Fireflies and When Marnie Was There, have a more serious and somber tone than their more well known counterparts. Others, like The Tale of Princess Kaguya and The Cat Returns, have a fairy-tale quality to them reminiscent of the most beloved Ghibli films. All of them live up to the high standard audiences have come to expect of any film tagged with the logo of globally recognizable forest spirit Totoro.

Photo: Studio Ghibli