16 Movies That Prove Tilda Swinton Never Does The Same Thing Twice

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Few actors have as varied a body of work as Tilda Swinton. She's as comfortable (and believable) as a crass, off-brand Anna Wintour in her handful of scenes in Trainwreck as she is as the regret-filled and haunted mother at the center of We Need to Talk About Kevin - and those are just two of her more than 80 credited roles

That amount of range and that steady of a career for any actor is, of course, rare, and it's frankly rarer still for a woman in her 50s, given the more common steady drop-off in Hollywood offers for many women at a certain point in their career. However, Swinton belongs to that rare class who not only books, but books often, and her sheer gameness surely helps explain why. There's no one quite like her, and filmmakers as disparate as Judd Apatow and Joanna Hogg obviously see the appeal. Here's a brief rundown of 16 of her roles - all of which, it's worth noting, could easily be substituted for a different 16 to make an equally strong case for her being one of the most versatile actors working. She's even made a habit of playing dual roles in the same movie.

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