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Tim Curry Has Had An Even More Expansive Career Than Most ‘Rocky Horror’ Fans Realize

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Whether it be striking pure terror with a single glance, nailing his signature vocals and notable laugh, or simply owning it in a pair of fishnet stockings, it’s fair to say Tim Curry is a man of great versatility. Given his talent, it's no surprise that Tim Curry's roles expand over a diverse range of TV shows and cinema, maybe more than fans realize. His career has stemmed across theater, film, television, and he even released a few rock albums.

Tim Curry's devil in Legend is ranked as one of the top five satanic performances of all time. He nailed his role as Wadsworth in Clue, but Curry has also done plenty of voice acting. Of Tim Curry's TV shows, films, and more, which are the most impressive? 

  • In 1993’s The Three Musketeers, Tim Curry’s Cardinal Richelieu attempts to form an alliance between France and Great Britain via less-than-honest methods. Cardinal Richelieu is an evil royal advisor who emphasizes intimidation through his pettiness. Curry also adds a level of humor to the role, however, by sarcastically asking prisoners, "Do you object to losing your head?" 

    Though the film itself was not well received, Curry's performance was lauded by critics. One in particular described him saying, "Good old Tim Curry chews up the scenery perfectly with his big eyes, red flowing attire and devilish goatee doing his best to try and beat Alan Rickman's dastardly Sheriff of Nottingham." 

  • A story that is well known to audiences and a role which has had many interpretations on screen over the years, Tim Curry was still able to bring something new to the character of Long John Silver and is arguably one of the most memorable pieces of Muppet Treasure Island

    Curry is able to be his usual villainess, animated, over dramatic self. His gravitas adds more weight to the infamous scene in which Long John rows out of Jim's and our lives. Though Curry is known for his grandeur, here he proves he can still emotionally affect the audience. And thankfully, being a muppet movie, Curry is also able to do what he does best, sing. 

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    He Was Billy Flynn In 'Criminal Minds'

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    If there is anything procedural dramas are known for, it's hiring big-shot actors to guest star as a one-off character. In the Season 6 episode of Criminal Minds, "The Longest Night," Curry plays Billy Flynn, a prolific serial killer-turned-spree killer, and as an actor well known for playing the evil-doer, Curry certainly doesn’t disappoint. Though Criminal Minds introduces a new villain each episode, Flynn is someone who stands out as particularly haunting. At one point he even says, "The question isn’t why do I [end] people. The question is... why I don’t [end] everybody." 

    Not only was he rated one of the series most notorious criminals, he was also nicknamed "The Prince of Darkness," a similar title to the character he played in 1985's Legend.

  • Tim Curry hopped on board for the sequel to one of the biggest Christmas movies of all time, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. With his marvelously animated performance (and especially his Grinch-like smile) as the sinister concierge at the Plaza hotel, Curry ends up being just as memorable as Kevin McAllister and The Wet (sorry, Sticky) Bandits. 

    Once again he manages to develop a character that was only on screen for a short period of time. Initially being shown as a threatening, intimidating, grown-up figure who looks down (literally) at Kevin with suspicious eyes on their first encounter, only to end with us looking down at him as he comically crawls along the floor, terrified of the child’s ruse.