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14 Underrated Tournament Movies That Deserve A Championship

September 7, 2021 214 votes 34 voters14 items

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The best tournament films span all genres, from kung fu tournament movies to films about Texas teens competing in a local Bandslam. There's something about the framing of a tournament that makes all personal beef in a film that much more dramatic. Oh, you have a problem with the main character? Well, how about you beat him down in a live televised event with all of your friends and family watching?

Tournaments might just be the most perfect film framing device. There's the call to action with the character being invited to a tournament, the break into Act 2 as the tournament actually begins, the rising action as the protagonist fights their way to the final round, and then the climactic final fight. Cinema and tournaments were made for each other, which is probably why so many tournament movies have been made, and thus why so many great ones have slipped through the cracks.