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15 Underrated Tourist Destinations In The USA

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Underrated tourist destinations are all over America. Alternative tourism is not only a matter of avoiding huge crowds or trying to be rebellious, it's about discovering incredible unknown places that have yet to be found by the masses. If you promise to keep the secret, keep reading to learn about the most exciting and unknown tourist destinations for your next vacation.

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    Baxter State Park

    From Redditor u/althea_93:

    Baxter State Park in Maine. It is pretty well known because it is the terminus of the AT, but many people will never travel that far north in Maine. It is stunning, and Mt Katahdin is one of the nicest spots in the Northeast.

    I am also a huge Letchworth Fan!

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    The Sacramento Area

    From Redditor u/drumwolf:

    Sacramento doesn't have a reputation for being an essential tourist destination or an exciting city in general. But there's a couple of reasons why you might consider making a stop in Sac if you're traveling through northern California and you're not on a tight schedule.

    First, nearby is the town of Davis, which is home to one of the biggest universities in the state and a very quaint, picturesque college town with lots of cafes and restaurants. Also, if you're into bicycling, there's the American River Trail which starts in Sacramento and goes for 30 miles all the way to Lake Folsom. On the way, there is the historical downtown for the city of Folsom which is worth checking out.

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    Maryland's Eastern Shore

    From Redditor u/Sumjonas:

    I’m biased, but I think the Eastern shore of Maryland is beautiful. Cute small towns, good seafood, and then the bay of course. I also think Knoxville, TN is underrated. A lot like Asheville, but gets much less attention. Great food (and cheap), friendly people, a growing brewery scene, and nearby to the great smokies and tons of hikes and good views.

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    California's Alt Towns

    From Redditor u/lynxpoint:

    California has so many gorgeous areas, but I’d say that Burney Falls, Del Norte Coast, and Mendocino are all somewhat underrated.

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