Vincent D'Onofrio Is Awesome In Everything - Even If You Don't Recognize Him Half The Time

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If you watch films on a regular basis, you've undoubtedly seen a bunch of Vincent D'Onofrio movies. But did you always know it was Vincent D'Onofrio you were watching? The actor has had a phenomenally successful career by not only being wildly talented, but also having a chameleon-like quality. Sometimes you immediately recognize him and sometimes you don't. He happily alters his appearance and personality to fit whatever character he's tackling. This rare ability allows him to take on a diverse range of roles in every genre, from heroes to villains. Somehow the guy who played Pvt. Pyle in Full Metal Jacket is the same actor who played the alien in the "Edgar suit" in Men in Black.

D'Onofrio may not have won an Oscar, but everyone always loves what he does on-camera. At the same time, he doesn't limit himself to the big screen. He's made intermittent forays into television, most notably in his starring role on Law & Order: Criminal Intent. No matter the screen size, he consistently surprises audiences with inventive, dedicated performances. No two are alike.

This continually amazing actor's most notable roles reveal what makes him such a special performer. In every case, Vincent D'Onofrio's TV shows and movies showcase the creativity he brings to each project, both in terms of how he appears and how he makes a fictional person come alive.