22 Weird Willem Dafoe Performances That Show He's Great In Everything

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Some A-list Hollywood stars succeed by playing variations of one character throughout their entire career. Some examples would be John "I'm always an American Tough Guy" Wayne, Jason "I'm always a British Tough Guy" Statham, and Seth "Whoa, I'm a totally stoned guy" Rogen. Then there are the skilled thespians who can inhabit just about any role you throw at them. Willem Dafoe, over his long and illustrious career, has shown himself to be a venerable member of the latter category.

Here are some of the parts he's played that prove he can deftly handle every genre and be believable in every role, from tropical fish to the almighty Son of God. Vote up your favorite Dafoe performances.

Photo: Columbia Pictures / A24 / Universal Pictures