15 Tourists Reveal The Most Unexpected Thing They Noticed When Visiting Australia

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Tourists: vote up the things you didn't know about Australia.

If you've never been before, you probably have some ideas in your head about what Australia is like. But these Australian tourist stories prove that this destination has way more to offer than you may have thought.

Check out the most unexpected facts about Australia that tourists found while visiting and vote up your favorites!

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    Australians Are Naturally Really Friendly

    From Redditor u/peon47:

    Went in to buy more appropriate footwear in my first few days, and I was convinced the shopgirl was flirting with me. Bought something else in another shop, and more flirting. Another shop and the same thing.

    Turns out they weren't flirting. They were just naturally being really friendly. Smiling and being interested in me for no other reason than because that's just how you do things.


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    Food Is Expensive

    From Redditor u/smithje:

    The outrageous price of food, especially produce. At first, I thought it was because so much would have to be imported, but the vast majority of products I bought [were] from Australia. I discussed this a bit with some Australians and Americans, and we wondered if this was the real cost of food if you pay everyone in the chain an actual living wage, instead of depending on underpaid migrant workers.

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    Australians Are Very Casual Around Local Wildlife

    From Redditor u/Taedalus:

    How casual Australians act around local wildlife was the most surprising thing for me (German) when I went there.

    Lots of little jellyfish in the water close to Sydney Harbor? A guy walks into the water, picks one up with both hands, walks up to us like, "Guys, I haven't seen those before, anyone know what kind that is?"

    Cliff jumping with Aussies, [we] see the water below us foam up a bit. "Looks like sharks. Ah, it's probably just small ones; they won't do sh*t."  

    Big spider inside a construction site I was working on. Asked my boss about it. "Nah, leave her alone, it's the house spider. She's not dangerous!" When I asked whether "not dangerous" meant those kinds of spiders aren't venomous, he answered, "Nah, we'd still have to drive you to the emergency room. But like, not as fast as we'd have to with other spiders." Okay, thanks, boss.

    Stuff like that really makes me wonder how many of the people I've met there are still alive today.

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    The Birdsong In The Morning Is Really Loud

    From Redditor u/lifsglod:

    How ridiculously loud the birdsong is in the morning. (Cockatoos and magpies, your angry squawking eventually grew on me.)

    Also, the fearlessness of all the parrots. The vivid colors and apparent lack of a fight-or-flight instinct made me think: these parrots must have no predators. Rosellas (in Canberra) and rainbow lorikeets (in Sydney) just plopping down beside me and eating out of my hand. It was magical.

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    The Sun Is Brighter And The Sky Is Bluer

    From Redditor u/ntrontty:

    I remember getting off the plane and just noticing that the colors were all different. Felt like the sun was brighter and the sky bluer. Also, the silvery green of the eucalyptus trees is a color we don't get where I'm from.

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    Free Barbecue Stations Are Available All Over

    From Redditor u/ntrontty:

    Free barbecue stations everywhere. That was cool! They are seemingly everywhere (parks, beaches), you push a button, the surface gets hot, and you can grill your meat/veggies or fry some eggs [like] the guys in this picture.

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