15 Tourists Reveal The Most Unexpected Thing They Noticed When Visiting Canada

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Tourists: vote up the the most surprising things you didn't know about Canada.

If you've never been to Canada, you might be surprised at some of these Canada tourist stories.

It's not all snow and maple syrup up north, so if you want to be prepared when you eventually head up there, you may want to read up on these unexpected Canada facts.

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    Policemen Ride Bikes In Shorts... While It's Snowing

    From Redditor u/heeliesfeelies:

    I went to Canada, and as I finished customs I walked out and into the main area waiting for my ride. I got distracted by two police officers riding bicycles in shorts while it was snowing outside...

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    They Have The Friendliest Border Guards In The World

    From Redditor u/TheRealAMD:

    Driving across the border on my first trip to Montreal, [I] was greeted with a jubilant "Bonjour!" from the guy at customs. Seriously, the friendliest border guard I've ever encountered, and [he] was elated when he saw my American passport and realized I was actually speaking French to him.

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    Ice Sculptures Are Used As Advertisements

    From a former Redditor

    There were ice sculptures sitting out on the sidewalk as advertisements. I then realized that it was cold enough to be able to do that with little to no melting.

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    All The Businesses Are Different

    From Redditor u/Magmasuns:

    Literally had no same businesses as the US. Everything was different and just gave off that Canada vibe. Also, I was waiting in line for a concert and I was so cold (this was February in Vancouver), and someone went to a nearby store and actually got me gloves. Thank you again, glove dude.

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    There Are Very Few Security Cameras

    From Redditor u/238bazinga:

    One weekend in Canada, dead of winter. I didn't see a single security camera in any of the stores. Guess they really trust everyone.

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    There Are Anti-Smoking Images On Cigarette Packages

    From Redditor u/pull_the_ripcord:

    Cigarettes. Kept hidden under a steel flap in the store, and... when you do get them they have pictures of black lungs all over them.

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