Celebrities You Might Not Know Are Siblings

This is a list of celebrities that you didn't know were siblings, loosely ranked by fame and popularity. Everyone knows that John and Joan Cusack are siblings. They look alike, they share a last name, and they have appeared in several movies together. However, some famous siblings aren't so easy to spot. This list shows some celebrity siblings that have changed their names, leaving them to have no apparent connection other than DNA.

Who are the most famous pair of celebrities that you didn't know were siblings? Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez top our list. Both brothers were born with the last name Estevez, but Charlie decided to adopt their father, Martin Sheen's, stage name. They have appeared together in the film Men at Work, and Estevez did a guest spot on Sheen's television show “Two and a Half Men.”

Also on this list are famous siblings who work in different industries, making it difficult to pair them together. Pop singer Lily Allen has hit songs like “Smile” and “Womanize,r” while her brother Alfie Allen has been scheming for power as Theon Greyjoy on the HBO show “Game of Thrones.”

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