celebrities 28 Famous People You Wouldn't Expect Giving the Finger  

Jacob Shelton
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Being a famous Hollywood celebrity means keeping a tight hold on your brand. If people think you’re a jerk, they might not see your next movie or buy your next single. It’s unfair but that’s the way it is. Thank heavens most famous people are terrible at keeping their cool under pressure. If they weren’t, we wouldn’t have so many photos of famous people flipping off needy fans, other celebrities, and the paparazzi. In this modern world of heavily controlled personalities, catching a glimpse of celebrities giving the middle finger is like seeing a unicorn. It’s majestic and just the best. So great, in fact, that it has earned itself an entire list of famous people flipping you off.

Famous people giving the middle finger might be your new favorite thing. There should be a new button added to Google that allows you to know which famous person has been giving the finger the most this week. Maybe that sounds like a niche desire, but surely it would be the most popular app since Tinder.

You wouldn’t expect a lot of the celebrities that are giving the finger on this list to be telling the world to go eff itself, but you can't argue with the photographic proof that even the most wrangled of A-Listers just need to flip the bird every once in a while.

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28 Famous People You Wouldn't Expect Giving the Finger