Gifs 30+ GIFs You'll Never See Coming  

Robert Wabash
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We have found the best gifs that will sharpen your breath and for all the weirdest reasons! Life has a funny way of twisting and turning with the most unexpected results, and we found just a fraction of them in surprising gif form. Just as one lucky bugger is saved, things then seem to not go his way after all! From a strange traffic accident to illusions with tricky bread, these cool gifs are astonishing and feature some truly unexpected twists!

But don't worry, no one gets (seriously) hurt! All these surprising and crazy gifs will take your breath away as they play tricks on your mind and you will find yourself watching them over and over to see just where exactly things went wrong!

Upvote the most shocking gifs below and be sure to always watch your back.
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Can You Pop the Trunk?

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The First Episode of The Twilight Zone and It Does Not Disappoint!

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Cutting Pipe

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To Infinity and Beyoooond

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