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Things You Wouldn’t Expect Are Great For Relationships

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Fostering a great relationship is hard work, but it's both rewarding and satisfying when you do. While there are tons of relationship books out there about communication and love languages, there are some lesser-known strategies for building a better relationship that seem to have gone under the radar. These suggestions might sound strange or counterintuitive at first, but sometimes it's the less obvious advice that can have the greatest impact.

There's no one secret in love; rather, dozens of individual choices can all add up to a healthier relationship. Everyone is different and not every piece of advice will be right for your relationship, but these suggestions are meant to help guide couples looking to connect on a deeper level. You may want to roll your eyes at a few of these, but you might be surprised by what could happen if you open yourself up to this unexpected relationship advice.

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    Doing Chores Together

    Couples who work together stay together. At least, that's what this study from the succinctly named German Panel Analysis of Intimate Relationships and Family Dynamics determined. Researchers analyzed the habits of 1,338 couples and discovered that couples who share the chore load report higher levels of sexual satisfaction in their relationships.

    The study focused on male contribution to the workload specifically, finding a positive correlation between male involvement in chores and increased romantic satisfaction.

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    Touching While Sleeping

    According to researchers with the Edinburgh International Science Festival, being in close proximity to your partner while sleeping is a good indicator that you're in a healthy relationship. You don't have to be full-on spooning either - just a light touch is enough to get a sense of your intimacy levels.

    If you're part of a couple that doesn't sleep near each other at all, you may want to consider closing the gap.

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    Eating Dessert

    There's good news for the dessert lovers out there. It turns out that sharing dessert can be a powerful bonding experience, according to researchers at Edge Hill University. The study showed that 65% of families who eat dessert together feel happier together. This likely extends to couples, as well, and the great thing about being an adult is that you can eat dessert whenever you like.

    Sharing the endorphins that a delicious dessert can create is a great way to become closer to your partner.

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    Going To Sleep At The Same Time

    It might seem odd that your bedtime could have a big impact on the health of your relationship, but that's exactly what a lot of couples have reported. Researchers at Brigham Young University ran a study on the effects of gaming on relationships and discovered that one of the biggest issues arose when gaming prevented a couple from going to bed at the same time.

    It turns out that going to bed together plays a pretty big role in a couple's overall happiness. Among married couples, different bedtimes correlated with less happiness in the relationship.

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