15 Tourists Reveal The Most Unexpected Thing They Noticed When Visiting Japan

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Tourists: vote up the the most surprising things you didn't know about Japan.

Heading to another country is always a bit of a shock, and these tourists who visited Japan experienced that shock firsthand.

These unexpected Japan facts might help you learn what to know about Japan before you visit.

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    Everyone In The Service Industry Is Friendly, Even Without Tipping

    From Redditor u/xxxxgh:

    Biggest surprise: culture-class service in restaurants even without tipping. Even outside of the service industry, people were so friendly. Amazing breakfast food in hotels.

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    There Are Basically No Public Trash Cans Or Recycling Bins

    From Redditor u/luthien_tinuviel:

    For the vast amount of cleanliness in Tokyo, I was truly surprised at how few trash cans or recycling bins I could see. More than once I carried drink bottles or garbage around for at least 20-30 minutes till I found a garbage container.

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    There Are Tons Of Road Signs In English

    From Redditor u/warboats:

    Best surprise: how we didn’t get lost anywhere at all. We don’t know a single word in Japanese prior to going and thought we’d be in deep trouble finding our way around. But it was so great to see that there were tons of signs in English. Of course, Google Maps were super reliable too!

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    Everything Is So Clean And Organized

    From Redditor u/juanit0134:

    Biggest surprise: how clean and organized everything/everyone is. I always knew because of pictures I've seen, but when I actually went in there was no trash or anything on the floor to be found (went to Tokyo). All the bathrooms there are also extremely nice. Even when going to a restaurant that seemed more low-end, the restrooms were always extremely nice. Idk, I fell in love with Tokyo though, to the point of wanting to move there. I loved everything about it and how nice people also are.

    Biggest disappointment: I would have to say Disneyland Tokyo. Don't get me wrong, it was fun, but it's more or less almost the exact same as Disneyland in California. I thought it would be a lot different like how Disney World is to Disneyland. It was fun, no doubt, but it was too similar to California.

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    It's Extremely Safe

    From Redditor u/k-u-r-a:

    My biggest surprise was the safety I felt while there... To the extreme... One morning we had a not-so-healthy breakfast in some doughnut place and there was an old gentleman who left all his belongings, including his wallet and computer on the table, and went out for a smoke. This was something that occurred during our travel there all the time. My only disappointment is that two weeks wasn't enough... so I'm planning my three-weeks trip there next year as I don't have any vacation left anymore for this year.

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    Tourists Are EVERYWHERE

    From Redditor u/paulthree:

    I live two subway stops from NYC’s Times Square, and I have never seen as much tourism and hectic crowds as I ever have in Kyoto.

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