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12 Non-Actors Who Played Stone Cold Villains (And Nailed It)

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It's always a treat to discover unusual villain performances that work. Plenty of actors routinely - and convincingly - play bad guys. Jeremy Irons, Christoph Waltz, and Jared Leto are just three examples of stars who often portray antagonists onscreen. We know they're good at it, so we expect solid work when we see them.

Much more surprising is when non-actors play villains and give us chills in the process. There's something incredibly potent about real people acting in villainous ways. The following individuals come from various backgrounds. Some were already famous in non-acting fields. Others were just regular people who managed to get cast in major movies or television shows. Regardless of where they came from, every single one did a masterful job portraying evil characters. They were unforgettable.

Which of these non-actors who played stone cold villains nailed it the most? Your votes will decide. 

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