The Most Unexpected Day Jobs Worked By Superheroes

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Most superheroes, even the famous ones, have secret identities - and secret identities usually come with a day job. Typically, these non-costumed careers are nearly as exciting as crimefighting itself; Superman's a journalist, Spider-Man's a news photographer, and both Batman and Iron Man are billionaire playboy philanthropists. But some superhero day jobs aren't just unexpected or surprising - they're contrary to everything the character working them stands for.

Whether they're advancing through a rewarding career or scraping by on minimum wage, even caped crusaders need to earn a living somehow. Sometimes, that means punching a clock by day - and punching a supervillain by night!


  • Wonder Woman: Taco Whiz Employee
    Photo: DC Comics

    Diana of Themyscira is a literal princess of the Amazons, known for her grace, elegance, and fortitude. All of these traits serve Diana well in the role of Wonder Woman, but they're of questionable use in another line of work she briefly took on while down on her luck - serving fast food at the chain restaurant Taco Whiz.

    After a stint in outer space during which she was presumed deceased, Diana returns to Earth to find that the Amazons have disappeared and that she has nowhere to live and not a dollar to her name. She goes hunting for a job and finds one at what is obviously a pastiche of Taco Bell. Despite her royal upbringing, she thrives there - and even comes to enjoy the work. Of course, it's only a matter of time before she goes back to working with the Justice League - this time with her room and board covered.

  • There have been many Deathloks in the annals of Marvel Comics, but they're all fairly similar - cyborgs from the future with extremely lethal capabilities. The individual known as Deathlok Prime features the body of an unrepentant serial killer paired with a noble and heroic AI, a combination that probably shouldn't even be allowed on school grounds, much less in a teaching position.

    Still, when the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning found itself in desperate need of substitute teachers, Deathlok Prime made the transition from Wolverine's X-Force squad to the teaching staff. Deathlok's lessons primarily consisted of informing students of their precise statistical odds of experiencing tragic ends - which, in all honesty, is probably an important part of the curriculum at a school for mutants. He stayed in the role until he went back to the future.

  • When Odin decided that his son Thor needed a little humility, he banished him to Earth and created a human persona for Thor to occupy. At first, medical student Donald Blake had no idea he was secretly the God of Thunder, or that when he struck his cane against the ground it would be transformed into the mighty Mjolnir. But even after he learned the truth, Thor spent a while living his double life.

    This included completing his medical degree and becoming a practicing physician. Having someone who speaks with "thees" and "thous" and still drinks mead perform surgeries might seem strange, but Dr. Blake actually became renowned for his medical skill. In time, Thor left his civilian identity behind and returned to being a full-time Asgardian, but he's since returned to practice on a handful of occasions and retains all of his life-saving training.

  • Batgirl: Member Of Congress
    Photo: DC Comics

    Barbara Gordon has had an interesting character history with DC. She goes by the name Batgirl to this day and seems to be perpetually a year or two out of college - and yet, she's also one of Batman's oldest allies and a mentor to generations of subsequent Batgirls. She's also old enough to have held a major public office.

    Before her continuity was rebooted several times, Barbara had spent several years as a member of the United States Congress. She campaigned for the position because she realized her vigilante actions weren't striking at the root of her country's problems - but she still found time to dress up in a cape and beat up crooks, even while Congress was in session!