People Share Their Unexpected Trypophobia Moments

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People who suffer from trypophobia have an irregular fear of holes, small clusters of bumps, or irregular patterns. One of the worst things about trypophobia is that these disturbing bumps and hole clusters can often appear out of nowhere; in our food, in nature, and even in art. 

These images we found showcase the most unsettling and unexpected trypophobia moments that left us paranoid. If you can brave through the feelings of disgust, vote up the most uncomfortable trypophobia-inducing pictures. 

  • 1. Mac 'N' Cheese Meatloaf

    Mac 'N' Cheese Meatloaf
    Photo: u/luke-nordheim / Reddit
    6,682 votes
  • 2. The Bottom Of A Bechamel Pot

    The Bottom Of A Bechamel Pot
    Photo: u/positivek38 / Reddit
    5,978 votes
  • 3. Everyone Loves Little Babies

    Everyone Loves Little Babies
    Photo: u/pay_dirt /
    2,509 votes
  • 4. Now I'm "Ticked" Off

    Now I'm "Ticked" Off
    Photo: u/Secvndvs / Reddit
    832 votes
  • 5. No More Seafood

    No More Seafood
    Photo: u/fartsmcsweet / Reddit
    1,931 votes
  • 6. Guess What?

    Guess What?
    Photo: u/flagler15 / Reddit
    1,278 votes