15 Tourists Reveal The Most Unexpected Thing They Noticed When Visiting The UK

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Tourists: vote up the the most surprising things you didn't know about the UK.

Travel can really open your eyes to how diverse the world is. These tourists are sharing their favorite unexpected UK facts they encountered while abroad.

Read on to discover what people don't know about the UK, and vote up the most unexpected details.

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    The Cab Drivers Are Incredible Classy

    From Redditor u/ME24601:

    The cab drivers were incredibly classy. I had discussions about Shakespeare and classic literature with some of them, which is unheard of with cab drivers in America.

    Also, meat pies were tastier than I had expected.

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    Black Currant Flavor Is Everywhere

    From Redditor u/hazelk:

    Black currant flavor. You guys have black currant jam, drinks, cough drops, etc. I can't find anything black currant flavored in my grocery store. Things in the States are typically grape or orange-flavored. And I discovered that I F*CKING LOVE black currant flavor.

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    The Underground Is Awesome And So Are The Newspapers

    From Redditor u/SomethingWonderful:

    The Underground was freaking AWESOME! I'd love something like that where I live. Your printed press is way better than ours too, whether it was magazines or newspapers. I'd probably actually have a subscription to something if I lived there.

    On the downside (and I know this is a stereotype, but I really did try to have an open mind), your food left a lot to be desired. Most people I met were a bit standoffish, not mean or rude, it's just hard to strike up a conversation even in a social venue. I've read a lot of Europeans comment about how forward Americans are so it's probably just perspective, but that's how I felt.

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    People Under 21 Can Drink At School Events

    From Redditor u/altergeeko:

    Beer, liquor, booze for people under 21. It blew my mind, I was under 21 at the time and it felt wrong to drink it so out in the open at a school event. Also, a pub on campus, how f*cking cool.

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    Potato Chips Are A Normal Bar Snack

    From Redditor u/bickets:

    Potato chips (crisps) as a bar snack. It's just odd to me that you go out with friends or co-workers for a pint, and there are bags of chips (packets of crisps) dangling from the ceiling near the bar.

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    Trash Cans Are Hard To Find On London Streets

    From Redditor u/TrustKimosabe:

    It's hard to find a trash can on the streets of London. You can buy beer in some of the underground stations, but you can't drink on the train.

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