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10 Comic Book Characters Who Have Turned Into Werewolves

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In the world of comic books, anything can happen. Many stories see characters die and resurrect repeatedly, among many other tropes. There are even some comic book characters that have turned into werewolves.

While there are several werewolf comic book characters starring in titles such as Werewolf By Night, The Astounding Wolf-Man, and Man-Wolf, there are a handful of well-known comic book characters that had a bout of lycanthropy that you didn't know about. Were you aware that two versions of Captain America howled at the full moon at some point? Or that Archie's best friend had a hunger for more than hamburgers? How about when Judge Dredd was judge, jury, executioner, and werewolf? Read on and vote up some of the unexpected werewolves in comic books.

  • Starting with Green Arrow Annual #1 and culminating in Green Arrow #50, Oliver Queen tries to track down two men who are infected by Lukos Disease, an ancient affliction that turns men into berserker wolves. Ollie ends up getting infected with the disease, but finds a cure though the blood of Miracle Man. The entire arc was considered by most to be a messy metaphor for AIDS and the unwarranted prejudice of those who are HIV positive.

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    Marcus The Diabetic Gladiator Centaur Werewolf With A Symbiote And Robot Legs

    Absurdity is abundant and expected in Deadpool: Dracula's Gauntlet, but nothing can prepare you for Dracula's mercenary called, "Marcus The Diabetic Gladiator Centaur Werewolf with a Symbiote and Robot Legs." He is considered as a "lesser known werewolf" character, given that he has so many other attributes that overshadow his lycantrophy. While he has the powers of a werewolf, the shapeshifting ability of a symbiote, and the skills of a trained warrior, he can be taken out easily if his opponents prevent him from taking his insulin shots.

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    The Mad Monk

    One of the more mysterious Batman foes is the Mad Monk, who has pet wolves at his side that double as companions and attack dogs. Not only is the masked Monk a wolf aficionado, he is said to be a wolf himself! However, unlike traditional werewolves, the Mad Monk displays the ability to transform into a wolf whenever he pleases and has abilities that are more aligned with vampires than werewolves. Nevertheless, a man with the powers of two universal monsters is a force to be reckoned with.

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  • As part of a Superman tale called "Night Moves," Robin makes a guest appearance to help Superman and Jimmy Olsen hunt down vampires. However, while trying to take out the blood suckers in Metropolis, Robin gets bitten by a feral creature. For a short while, Robin had all the attributes of a werewolf, but it only lasted for one issue before he turned back into the regular Boy Wonder once again.

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