10 Comic Book Characters Who Have Turned Into Werewolves

In the world of comic books, anything can happen. Many stories see characters die and resurrect repeatedly, among many other tropes. There are even some comic book characters that have turned into werewolves.

While there are several werewolf comic book characters starring in titles such as Werewolf By Night, The Astounding Wolf-Man, and Man-Wolf, there are a handful of well-known comic book characters that had a bout of lycanthropy that you didn't know about. Were you aware that two versions of Captain America howled at the full moon at some point? Or that Archie's best friend had a hunger for more than hamburgers? How about when Judge Dredd was judge, jury, executioner, and werewolf? Read on and vote up some of the unexpected werewolves in comic books.

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    Most Of Earth 7085

    In the Marvel Zombies Vs. Army of Darkness crossover, Deadite destroyer Ash Williams crosses over into another Earth where most of the Marvel heroes and villains have been turned into werewolves. On Earth 7085, heroes such as the Hulk, Spider-Man, Wolverine, and dozens of others howl and claw after Ash before he gets back to Marvel Zombies world. Based on this encounter, undead enemies are more of Ash's specialty over lycans.

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  • In Captain America #402, a poor victim appears to be killed by a werewolf and Cap goes on a search to find his friend, John Jameson the Man Wolf, afraid that John succumbed to his feral nature and committed murder. It turns out that a number of werewolves have been popping up courtesy of the evil Nightshade and her lycantrophy serum. Through a convoluted fight that involves Wolverine and Moon Hunter, Captain America is knocked out. This gives Nightshade the opportunity to inject her serum into Captain America, who becomes a werewolf!

    But things didn't go in Nightshade's favor. Much to Nightshade's chagrin, the Super Soldier Serum pumping through Steve Rogers' veins allowed Cap to maintain his mind despite becoming a feral wolf-man. Steve would continue to be the most patriotic werewolf in comic book history as Capwolf for a few issues before Nightshade gives him an antidote to turn him human again.

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    Captain America (Sam Wilson)

    Sam Wilson was Steve Rogers' friend and partner, so much so that when Steve became too weary to carry the shield, Sam picked it up as the new Captain America. While Sam wants to live up the legacy of Steve Rogers, he probably didn't imagine he'd share Steve's bizarre wolf legacy, too.

    In Sam Wilson: Captain America #3, the devious Dr. Malus uses super science to create odd hybrid animals and creatures. He manages to a hybrid with Captain America, merging him with a wolf, which ultimately backfired since it only made Cap more powerful. Luckily for Sam Wilson and his dating life, the effects wore off and he became fully human again. It was a tongue-in-cheek story that simultaneously paid homage and playfully mocked the iconic Capwolf adventure. 

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    Starting with Green Arrow Annual #1 and culminating in Green Arrow #50, Oliver Queen tries to track down two men who are infected by Lukos Disease, an ancient affliction that turns men into berserker wolves. Ollie ends up getting infected with the disease, but finds a cure though the blood of Miracle Man. The entire arc was considered by most to be a messy metaphor for AIDS and the unwarranted prejudice of those who are HIV positive.

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    Archie's best pal and hamburger enthusiast, Jughead, got the werewolf treatment in a brief one-shot story titled Jughead: The Hunger in 2017.  Set in an alternate continuity, a heinous killer that the media is dubbing the "Riverdale Ripper" is running around town. In a completely unrelated, totally coincidental note, Jughead has been displaying some erratic mood swings and is hungrier than ever before.

    Turns out that Jughead became a werewolf and no one in Riverdale is safe! That is, until the story ends and everyone just goes back to reading traditional Archie stories about teenage love and milkshakes or something.

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    As part of a Superman tale called "Night Moves," Robin makes a guest appearance to help Superman and Jimmy Olsen hunt down vampires. However, while trying to take out the blood suckers in Metropolis, Robin gets bitten by a feral creature. For a short while, Robin had all the attributes of a werewolf, but it only lasted for one issue before he turned back into the regular Boy Wonder once again.

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