18 Unexplainable Encounters That People Swear Actually Happened

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    '...I Remember Seeing A Lady's Face...'

    From Redditor u/papahunk:

    When I was a kid, I remember seeing a lady’s face in a doorway "grinning" at me, with what I assumed to be something brown covering her entire face and teeth. I would see her several times until we moved away when I was five years old. Obviously, my family didn’t see her but my mom got worried when I told her that I saw “the lady from the kiosk,” which is what I called the lady after I dreamt of her falling down a flight of stairs in a small store not far from our house.

    And I s*** you not, my mom told me a few months ago that in the same store I was dreaming of, a woman had fallen down a flight of stairs and had her face torn on the way down, apparently being covered in dried blood when she was found, hence my description of her. Imagine the look on my face when I heard that.

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    'I Could See Every Wrinkle On Her Face.'

    From Redditor u/uraniumglasscat:

    I just bought my first house. It’s over 100 years old. While painting the one spare bedroom, I was on a ladder and as I turned to climb down There was a middle-aged lady dressed in a “little house on the prairie” style dress and bonnet directly at the base of the ladder looking at me. It startled the s*** out of me and when I caught my wits again she was gone. I could see every wrinkle on her face. She was looking at me with such huge eyes.

    No one believes me. Even my partner thinks I’m overreacting. We both hear things all the time and he admits he hears the noise but refuses to acknowledge the existence of ghosts. Example: one evening we are both in the living room with our cat. That’s all who lives in the house. Out of nowhere, we hear glass smashing in the kitchen directly beside us. It’s an open concept kitchen. The cat even reacts to the noise. We go to the kitchen to see the mess and there is no mess to be found. Nothing is out of place. This happens all the time but wherever we are it’s in the next room.

    Also last night I was standing against the wall and I heard a male voice whisper my name into my right ear from behind the wall. My partner was asleep across the room. No one else in the house and TV was not on.

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    'Don't Know What Happened, But I Got A Nightlight After That.'

    From Redditor u/midas_1988:

    I mean if you wanna double down on similar situations, that's not even the first time something like that happened to me.

    I was like 8-ish and living with my grandma, great-grandma and my big sister (10-ish). It was bedtime but obviously I was still awake. Now, my bedroom at the time was right across from the bathroom. Next door down from mine was my great-grandma's room and across from her room was the master bedroom.

    Anyways, this particular night I was awake and kinda waiting for my grandma to go to bed. My great-grandma comes down the hall, passes my room and she continues to hers. I could tell it was her by her silhouette as most of the lights were off in the house. I wish her good night. Moments later, I see another similar silhouette cross my door, only this one stops in my doorway, turns toward me, approaches my bed, and starts reaching for me. I didn't know who it was, so I screamed bloody murder until both my grandma and great-grandma come running into my room and turn the light on. Dunno what happened to the silhouette, but I got a nightlight after that.

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    'My Brothers Questioned Me And Thought I Was Lying.'

    From a former Redditor:

    I was playing hide and seek with my two brothers. It was kind of dark but not too dark. I saw my brothers' heads pop out from a tree decently far away from me. I started sprinting to them and my brothers both ran from behind a second tree about 40 feet away, meaning that it wasn’t them behind the first tree. I ran my a** straight back to the house. My brothers questioned me and thought I was lying. Still scares me just thinking about it.

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    'I Have No Other Memories From My Early Childhood.'

    From Redditor u/Lagg0r:

    I have very vivid memories of my great-grandfather. I distinctly remember which room he lay in for months while being cared for by his family and what the layout of the room was like. I also have a memory of playing with him and him talking to me while I was fully aware that he had cancer in the latest stages and understood that he would probably die soon.

    Thing is I only ever met him once in person and I was only 4 months old.

    My family has pointed out that I knew facts about his appearance that I could not possibly have known because there are close to no pictures of him (like a big scar he had across his chest from an operation).

    I have no other memories from my early childhood (in fact, my memory about that time is so bad I don't even correctly recall things from my time in kindergarten).

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    'All My Friends Saw This Happen...'

    From Redditor u/lindsanity16:

    I threw a party at the condo I lived in with my sister and mom while they were on vacation when I was maybe 17. After the party died down, me and 4 of my close friend were the only ones still there and awake, and while talking by the top of the basement stairs the handle of the door at the top that was closed moved like someone was struggling to open it. Thinking someone passed out in my basement and was too drunk to get the door open, I opened it to an empty basement. All my friends saw this happen and we stayed up till the morning in my living room too freaked out to move. Everyone blows it off like we were just hammered but by then we were nearly sobered up.

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