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Miracles In Catholicism No One Can Explain

Updated 1 Sep 2019 200.3k views15 items

When considering unexplained Catholic miracles, most people think of the Shroud of Turin. Then there are the few interred Catholic saints whose bodies have not decayed.

Catholicism is open about the visions and unexplainable occurrences credited to the faith's higher power. The church is also open about particular processes used to verify Catholic miracles, such as the inconclusive forensic analysis of the Shroud of Turin. And there are scientific theories about how a statue could weep tears and how a large group of people could see the Virgin Mary appear to them on a building. Nevertheless, some Catholic miracles are strange occurrences that haven't been debunked.

Whether you're a follower of Catholicism or a neutral party, these miracles are sure to provoke a sense of curiosity.

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