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People Describe The Most Unfair Punishments That Happened At Their School

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Schools can often overreact to things their students do which leads to unfair punishments. These Redditors explained moments where they felt they were dealt unfair repercussions for what they actually got caught doing at school – whether it be trading Pokémon cards or getting beat up.

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    A Girl Was Expelled Due To Her Illness

    From Redditor u/rainyreminder:

    I'm in my 40s and this still sticks with me. I had a classmate in seventh grade who was expelled (which, because we had only one each of junior high and high school, meant she was expelled from our entire district) because she was a Type 1 diabetic. A teacher walked in on her with her insulin in the washroom, assumed it was [hard substances], wouldn't let her take her insulin, and took her down to the principal's office where she was immediately expelled. Her parents were so horrified and disgusted they didn't even fight it, just put her in private school.

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    They Were Suspended For Going To A Wedding

    From Redditor u/illogicalfuturity:

    So this isn't my school, but my nephew's.

    The school expelled several students for having a picture posted on Facebook. The principal said it promoted [problem drinking]. Then the picture was shown, and it had a group of students in a party where you could see someone in the background holding a wine glass.

    It was a wedding. The principal got the whole school and Board of Education to sue the students when the students tried to sue to have their expulsion nullified.

    It ended when the school had to admit they were broke and had mismanaged the school funding. The students had their expulsions nulled but opted to go to other schools.

    The school shut down a few years back, and their buildings are now used for quarantine.

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    They Punished A Grieving Child

    From Redditor u/LondonDude123:

    Kid in another class didn't have his homework in because he was at his nan's funeral. Teacher told him, "Maths homework is more important than a funeral."

    Kid lost his f*cking mind, and was suspended...

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    He Got In Trouble For Damaging School Property

    From Redditor u/throw_away_TX:

    Sometime in middle school, I was just this nerdy, quiet kid and of course there were a few bullies that gave me hell every day. They were bigger than me and also lived on my street or the next street over. So they gave me hell both at school and at home.

    Anyhow, one day in the playground at school, they were pinning me down, throwing rocks at me, etc. I threw my math book at one of them out of frustration, and it landed in the mud. They did not get in trouble, but I received three days of suspension for damaging school property, and they made my mom pay for a new one.

    They never stopped. One day, one of them spit on me in the bathroom, and I spit on him back. He then grabbed me by the throat and slammed my head into the wall. I went back to class with handprints around my neck. At least that time we both got suspension.

    No wonder I have self-esteem issues.