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The Cheapest, Most Unbeatable Video Game Characters Ever

Who are the most broken multiplayer characters in video game history? There are thousands of unique video game characters, but they're not all created equal. In fact, some are downright infuriating. Whether they're single player boss battles with overpowered attacks or multiplayer characters with easily exploitable guaranteed wins, there are always going to be a few characters that just make you want to smash your controller in frustration. This is a list of the most unfair video game characters, the opponents who reward button-mashing and punish smart gameplay.

Who is the cheapest video game character? Is it a tough boss like the ultimate boxer, Iron Mike Tyson, who can take you down in five seconds flat in Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!? Or is it the classic boss from Sinistar, who mocks you as a ridiculous amount of enemies flood your screen in a way that couldn't possibly be beaten? Try not to scream in rage reading this list of cheap video game characters. You might wake the neighbors. 

So check out our list of the cheapest video game characters and vote up the ones you think are just unreasonably harsh, whether they're big bosses or playable heavies, Downvote the ones you don't really worry about much.
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    Photo: Metal Gear Solid / Konami
    The psycho-kinetic Metal Gear Solid bad dude makes for an incredibly complicated boss fight. Oh, and no part of the game tells you that you need to knock out Mantis multiple times and also plug your controller into the second player slot. No, you're just supposed to guess that whole solution. That's not frustrating at all
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    Photo: Street Fighter V / Capcom
    A mainstay since Street Fighter II, M. Bison has routinely been that boss that will make short work of you, barely even letting you put up fights in multiple games. Whenever you find yourself getting jumped on the head from this unstoppable force, it all just feels like you were never meant to beat him. When you actually do beat him, it just feels like you got lucky.
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    Photo: Tekken 7 / Bandai Namco Studios
    When fighting game tournaments explicitly ban the use of a particular character in any of the Tekken games, you know you've got a problem. Gordo's breakdancing style is too awkward to defend against, so anyone who knows vaguely what they're doing can dominate absolutely any other opponent. That doesn't really lend itself well to balance. 
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    Lu Bu

    Photo: Dynasty Warriors 8 / Tecmo Koei
    There's a saying among Dynasty Warriors players with regards to this guy: "Don't engage Lu Bu!" Don't ever do it. No matter how well prepared you are, he can completely wreck your game in a blink of an eye. It's so bad that many players suspect the developers intentionally made Lu Bu so brutal, leaving no choice but to deal with his ridiculous power. 
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