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Unfinished Business movie quotes follow what happen when three guys go on a wild and crazy business trip to Germany. The comedy film was directed by Ken Scott using a screenplay by Steven Conrad. Unfinished Business opened in theaters on March 6, 2015.

In Unfinished Business, Dan Trunkman (Vince Vaughn) operates his own small business after his career at Dynamic Systems came to a crashing end. One year later, he now has two employees, Mike Pancake (Dave Franco), who is young and unexperienced, and Timothy McWinters (Tom Wilkinson), who is old and a bit flat. They strike a huge deal and the three of them travel to Germany to close it.

But things go awry when after meeting the clients (including James Marsden and Nick Frost), they learn that Dynamic Systems, including old foe Debra (Sienna Miller), are vying for the same deal. This sends the three men on a wacky journey to win over the client, including visiting a sex fetish event and a government protest, breaking all the rules in the process.

Unfinished Business brings a bro comedy to theaters already full of other great early 2015 films including The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, Chappie, The Lazarus Effect, and Maps to the Stars.
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Dan: Hey, honey!
Susan: I miss you! My right hand's making little circles...
Dan: Speakerphone! That's what you're on.
Timothy: Hi, Susan
Susan: Hi!
Mike: I like to make circles too, on my bike.

Things get dirty fast when Dan answers a call from Susan on the car speaker phone. Mike likes what he hears, even if he doesn't completely understand what he's hearing.
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Those Pants are So Tight

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Bill: Dan, this is Chuck Portnoy, who you know, don't you?
Debra: Those pants are so tight. Is that a crease?
Dan: No, I don't have a crease. Thank you!
Debra: Slit?
Dan: No
Debra: There's a space.
Dan: There is no space.
Debra: There's actually space. It's alarming.

When Bill, Jim and Debra run into Dan at the hotel, Debra doesn't hesitate to make fun of Dan's athletic pants. She can see everything, and doesn't shy away from pointing that out.
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Mike Pancake

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Mike: I've never been on a business trip before. I'm pretty jacked. What do you guys do on them?
Dan: Can you not say your whole name today because the client can lose focus?
Mike: I'm Mike Pancake.
Jim: What was your last name?
Mike: Pancake
Jim: Like breakfast?
Mike: It's Greek.
Jim: It's delicious.
Bill: Yum.

Mike is a little green, to say the least, and has quite the funny name. This combination makes for a hilarious exchange in a client meeting. Yum, indeed.
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Traveling to Germany to Shake on It

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Dan: The good news is that we landed a big deal and we're traveling to Germany to shake on it.
Debra: Hey, Dan
Dan: You gotta be kidding me.

Dan explains to his employees that they need to travel to Germany to close an important deal. He thinks all is good, until he arrives there to see an old rival ready to screw up his plans.
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