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21 People Describe the Creepiest, Strangest Things They Will Never Forget

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Life is full of creepy, unexplained experiences, but it's rare that you come across truly unforgettable stories, the kind that haunt you so thoroughly you can never escape them. However, these creepy stories shared by reddit users definitely make such an impact. These particular horror stories come in all shapes and sizes. Some of them seem like they're out of this world, while others are unnerving AF. Being buried alive, suicide, high-speed chases, and the supernatural all make the list. 

You'll be glad that they didn't happen to you, but if you want to vicariously live through some real-life American Horror Stories, check out this list of the creepiest, weirdest things that the storytellers will never forget.

  • "You're Going to Flood the Place"

    "I had to take care of my mentally handicapped cousin a few years back. She could get around well enough, but due to severe arthritis in her knees and ankles, she had to be watched, helped into the bath, sh*t like that. I would go into her room in the morning, help her to her walker so she could piss, and make her breakfast.

    One morning I heard the water running in the bathroom when I went to check in on her. I had to pass her room on the way to the bathroom. When I did, I saw that she was in her rocking chair in the corner, her blanket over her head, and she was rocking back and forth.

    'Don't leave the water on, you're going to flood the place.' I went into the bathroom to shut the faucet off, and my cousin was there, washing her face.

    I immediately ran back to the room, but it was just her blanket crumbled up in the rocking chair. My cousin wanted to know why I undid her bed. I didn't stay too long after that."

    • Double Trouble

      "Lived in the Hollywood Hills and this happened in the early 80's.

      Crazy knocking at my door at 9PM. I go to answer the door and there's a lady there just hysterical, talking about 'There's so much blood...'. She looks normal and is dressed in clean clothing, so we let her in. She tells a story about seeing someone get stabbed. I call the police, and two uniformed LAPD officers arrive in 10 minutes. They take the lady away, and tell us that she has was reported missing, has a mental condition and lives up the street.

      All good. 30 minutes later, another knock at the door. Two different cops this time, responding to the call. They have no idea who the other two cops were! Take our information and statements, description of the officers and the lady as well. Radio conversations back and forth ensue, and they really don't have any idea how any other cops could have picked her up, because they were given the call 40 minutes ago..."

      • The Silhouette in the Night

        "My boyfriend works night shift, and I was asleep alone in the house. I get woken up in the middle of the night by my puppy whining in the living room, and I assume it's because he wants outside. I'm just about to open the back door, when I hear this weird scratching/clicking sound at the front door, like someone was sticking something in the lock. I go to check, and I can see the silhouette of somebody standing there through the window in the door.

        I then notice there is a second figure in the living room window, although it's too dark to make out any features. I know they can see me because I didn't have any blinds at this point, and they just stood there. I totally freaked and called the cops, then my dad. I huddled in the kitchen out of sight of any windows and waited for someone to come. My parents live across town and showed up before the cops. They were gone at this point, but the neighbours across the street were up and saw the car.

        I ended up staying at my parents place that night, and when I came home the next morning, I noticed the basement window was partially kicked in. I got a security system installed the next day. I still have no idea who it was."

        • A Creepy Cot

          "When I was a baby, maybe about 6 months old, my mum put me into my cot to sleep one afternoon. It was a high sided wooden thing with a drop side for access that required you to press in two little nubs, one on each corner to release the side.

          She came upstairs and found me outside the cot, asleep in the middle of the floor about 2 metres from the cot. The sides were up, there is no way I could have opened it. I couldn't stand and the sides were far too high to jump over.

          Apparently she never felt comfortable leaving me in the room after that.

          Also. When my younger brother was born he was put into that room as his bedroom. One evening me and my mum were on her bed playing with my brother who was about 1 year old and we heard this noise coming from his room.

          Panicked my mum went to look and one of his musical toys was in the cot playing to itself despite not being activated."