People Shared Stories About Total Strangers That Are Funny, Wholesome, And Definitely Unforgettable

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The common saying goes, "don't talk to strangers," but these people clearly didn't take that advice. We found the most unforgettable stories from people who had chaotic interractions with complete strangers. Vote up the one's that will stick with you too. 

  • 1. A Motorcycle Accident Hero

    Posted by Redditor u/LolitaWongus:

    Well I guess I forgot about him in one way. I was in a motorcycle accident where a car swerved head on at me, and I took a major blow to the head. Thankfully I always wore a helmet, so that took 95% of the blow. But I was still understandably very shook.

    I barely remember getting hit, and then bam I was just laying there on the ground almost blacked out, drifting from consciousness to unconsciousness. And this dude in a company van pulled over asking what the f*ck was wrong with the car that hit me since he saw it all happen, and the dude ran over to me, helped me up to my legs (i remember falling over once after he picked me up) and drove me to the nearest hospital in his company van (it was only a couple of blocks away, so no need to call an ambulance). I remember crying, and repeatedly saying "I'm so sorry" for no reason. Something in my brain obviously fried from the fall. And then I noticed my arm was bleeding all over his seat, which made me say sorry even more and he laughingly said "it's okay, the company will pay for that". Then we arrived, and he took me to the ER and waited with me for a doctor to come. The doctor checked me up, took the helmet off (which I still wore for the whole trip, which is very important until a doctor can make sure it's fine to take it off) and made sure I wasn't seriously hurt. Meanwhile the dude that helped me is still sitting in the waiting room for me. I took a couple of xrays because my arm hurt a lot, but it was just a hairline crack in my bone, so nothing major. But this still took like an hour to get the pictures developed, etc. After that I was free to go, and I saw the dude still sitting there, waiting for me. And not just THAT. Turns out directly after he left me with the doctors, he drove to the accident scene and took photos of everything for insurance purposes, and also called the police. He also propped up my motorbike against a nearby wall to protect it for more damage. And then he went back to the ER, waited for me, and then texted all pictures and information to me, and he also said he'd witness incase the woman that hit me tried to pull something legal against me. And then he drove me home and helped me into my bed.

    The dude literally took like 3 hours of his own time when he was supposed to be working, and helped me with everything instead. And I never even got his name.

    Big ramble, I know, I've just never talked about this before. My memory was so hazy from the concussion, but it all came back when I started writing this


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  • 2. The Close-Call Catcher

    Posted by Redditor u/codefyre:

    When I was nine, my mom took my 4-year-old sister and me to the mall. At one point, my mom was stuck in a long checkout line, so my sister and I wandered out the door to sit on the bench on the promenade outside (it was the 80s). We were on the third floor of the mall.

    As nine-year-old kids tend to do, I soon got distracted and walked over to look at something in a neighboring shop window. A few moments later, I heard a very loud mans voice shout, "Little girl, I don't think you should be climbing on th..."

    I turned around just in time to watch my sister slip and catapult herself over the railing. She'd been climbing on the planter next to the bench.

    We were three stories up. That fall should have k*lled her.

    But that guy, that total stranger, had seen her climbing and started walking over to pull her down. A random person saw a child doing something dangerous and decided to step in. When she started to fall, that stranger moved faster than f*cking lightning, closed the gap, and caught her around the waist just as she cleared the wrong side of that handrail. He hit the rail so hard the entire thing rang like a churchbell.

    My mom, who had watched the entire scene in horror from inside the store, came flying out the door at that point and scooped her out of his arms. The guy just smiled and said "You've got a real climber there. I'd keep her away from high places."

    And then he turned and walked away. Went back to whatever he was doing before. That guy saved my sisters life, and we never even got his name.


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  • 3. The Retail Run-In

    Posted by Redditor u/space-romantic:

    Back when I worked retail I got Bells Palsy (it's a reaction to a viral infection that freezes half your face, just imagine not being able to taste, close your eye, feel temperature or anything at all on only ONE side of your face.). It can last weeks and even several months depending, there is no cure but to slowly wait for it all go back to normal.

    So suffice to say, i couldn't take the undetermined time off of work to wait it out. One eye wouldn't close, I always looked like I was half surprised because my eyebrow refused to move and I had a bad lisp because half my tongue felt like it didn't exist. This was all accompanied by a mind-numbing headache for weeks. Not to mention the stares while out in public..

    I was sitting at the register about a month in and a man walked up with a beanie on and after the transaction I asked him if he wanted a bag for his items.. but with the lisp it was nearly impossible to say it right. It was a rough day, in pain and couldn't stand another person giving me that look that i started to tear up. But instead of pity the look he gave me was one of understanding. He pulled off his beanie and explained that he had alopecia which caused all of his hair to fall out. He sat and talked with me for a bit, told me that I was incredibly brave because he knew what it felt like when people stared. He shook my hand , walked out the door and I never saw him again. But i'll never forget him. I hope he's doing well.


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  • 4. Butterbean

    Posted by Redditor u/Cavemanjoe47:


    19 years ago. I was 17. Close to midnight-1am on New Year's day.

    Older (50s-ish) black dude from Maryland or somewhere else way up north visiting family in Georgia for New Years, decides he's going to walk to the store for more beer while he's sh*tface drunk and gets lost, walking by the side of the road, in an area he doesn't know, with his cell phone dead, in an area with no streetlights.

    My best friend and I are on my parents' front porch, he's playing guitar and I'm walking a bassline to what he's playing, and Butterbean just comes down the driveway on the hill really, really carefully (my friend and I are very white, and the porch light is shining on us, so think 'light mode at night' looking at us for poor Butterbean).

    Dude comes down the hill going "Excuse me? I'm sorry, but I think I'm lost!" And we talk to him for a minute, tell him to take a seat because he looked tired and handed him a water out of the cooler. (We can tell he's pretty drunk, but he's a very happy drunk) He asks if he can use the phone, and I go in to grab it (cordless, landline. Yeah, I'm old) while my friend keeps listening to him talk about his sister's party earlier that day.

    My dad hears the new voice and comes outside, dude sees him, goes to stand up, dad says "You're good, man, just wanted to introduce myself. You want some black eyed peas, collard greens, and cornbread? It's still hot."

    I thought this dude was gonna cry. He teared up, but none fell. He couldn't dial the number, so he told it to me and I punched it in, my dad got ahold of the lady on the other end, she said "Who is this about?" And the old dude yells "Tell her it's Butterbean!" And everyone laughs, and my dad gave her directions to come get him, because it was a ways away. Stayed on the phone with her (it was her cellphone) until she pulled in the driveway, but it took awhile.

    While my dad talks to Butterbean's sister, my mom brought out a plate for Butterbean, and he's sitting there with such a happy look on his face, in a green plastic Adirondack chair, mouthful of collards and cornbread dipped in the black eyed peas, ice cold Dr Pepper cracked open on the little side table while my friend plays & sings 'Grave Digger' on his acoustic, and he swallows a bite and says "Man, y'all are ANGELS! I can't believe I'm sittin' here eating collards and cornbread with such cool white folks! This is amazing!" (I'd never heard anyone talk like that before. It really stuck with me, like, how could anyone do anything other than what we'd done? I didn't get it at the time, but thought about it after)

    It was a great night. Didn't keep in touch or anything, but every few years my brother and I will be sitting outside at night and one of us will go

    "Remember Butterbean?"

    "Yeah. That was fun. Hope he's doing okay."


    Hope you're doing good, Butterbean. You were the angel that night.

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  • 5. A Mysterious Cowboy Encounter

    Posted by Redditor u/scooty-boots:

    I was 16 and had flown across the country to visit family and friends for the summer. We had just moved away from those parts, and it was a tough adjustment for me. I stayed with my “uncle” he was very much like family, but not biological. Anyway, he had moved in this crazy lady and was going to marry her. She- was an absolute nightmare. So much so, that my uncles sister offered to have me stay with her. Well, for me, that was right out of the frying pan and into the fire. She was unstable at best, and I was a rebellious teen. I overheard her one day complaining on the phone about me staying there, that she wasn’t being paid for it etc. I think it had been about a week at the time. Anyway, she lost her sh*t on me one afternoon following that phone call (mind you, she lived in BFE Kansas) & told me to gtfo of her house. So, I packed my 2 suitcases and left. I had $100 in my pocket, 2 suitcases and a plane ticket for a week later in the next state over. I began marching down the road and trying to formulate a plan, cell phones weren’t a tool that everyone had at the time. Her house was on a lonely dirt road about 5-8 miles from a small town of about 1500 people or so. A truck pulled up beside me, and a weathered cowboy rolled down the window and said “miss, you look like you can use a ride.” I looked at him, the truck, the road, and that house I was staying at in the distance. I rolled the dice, threw my stuff into the back of his truck knowing that could be the end to my short time on earth. He told me he was going to take me back to his house, he had a wife and kids there and that I was welcome to stay as long as I needed. I was skeptical, but hopeful. Sure enough we made a couple turns and pulled into this beautiful farm house, with plenty of children’s toys outside. I was greeted by his sweet wife and children. I asked to use their phone to make a long distance call back to my parents. They graciously agreed. I called my mom, she called my uncle and he immediately left to come pick me up. I stayed playing with their children in the pool until he arrived. That man, that family are true angels on earth, and I will never forget them, nor their kindness.

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  • 6. A Hug From The Grocery Store Lady

    Posted by Redditor u/rock_in_steady:

    A homeless woman I saw every now and then on my way to the grocery store. She asked for money once and I said I'm sorry, but I'm too broke to give her some. She memorized and never asked me again but we greeted each other friendly every time we met for several years. One day I met her, she hugged me out of nowhere and told me she found a proper job and got an apartment and she's spending the day in front of the grocery store to let the people know she knows from seeing for so long so they won't be worried. This was one of the most joyful moments in my life and I sometimes think about her when I'm in that area. I used to live there a few years after that and I never saw her again.

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