People Reveal Unforgettable True Crime Stories That Still Haunt Them

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Although all true crime stories are tinged with sadness and tragedy, there are some that you just can't forget. Maybe it happened in your hometown or maybe it's still unsolved so it constantly runs through your mind as you try to piece the facts together. On Reddit, people are sharing the unforgettable true crime stories that continue to haunt them.

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    The Toy-Box Killer

    From Reddit u/vari_111:

    David Parker Ray AKA The Toy-Box Killer. I heard that a police officer [passed away] from sketching up the whole place up and down. More specifically [took his life] because of the horror of it. I've read some of the recordings, too. It's sick.


    From Reddit u/Mountain_Situation89:

    It makes me nauseous that people like that exist. To me, that case is direct evidence of the existence of true evil. The fact his female friend and even his daughter helped him, too... it’s just truly sickening. No amount of jail time is good enough, and I think they let his accomplices out already.

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    The Murder Of Junko Furata 

    From Reddit u/thatb*tch999:

    The murder story of Junko Furuta. It's extremely disturbing. I can't get it out of my head. And all of them got away with it. It shows how f*cked up this world is.


    From Reddit u/N3ssaW:

    I feel like that poor girl literally went through the worst hell I can imagine. My heart goes out to her every time she is mentioned.

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    The Andrea Yates Case

    From Reddit u/amrodd:

    Andrea Yates drowning her five kids because she thought they were full of sin and needed saving. Rusty took her off the meds, and they had another child despite doctor's warnings about her condition.


    From Reddit u/dontwannabehere_:

    He should have been held criminally liable for all of this. He treated her like a broodmare. He was specifically told to not leave her alone with the kids; so he makes all of them live in a f*cking SCHOOL BUS. He goes to work and leaves her alone with the kids. All day. Every day. Pulls her meds. Keeps impregnating her. All the warning signs were there. I mean, I have to wonder if on some level he wanted this to happen??? Because it was very clear for a very long time that this was exactly how it was gonna end.

    Not to mention that someone in her state of mind likely wouldn’t be able to truly consent. She was very, very sick. My heart breaks for that woman and her kids. But her husband should be rotting in prison before burning in hell.

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    The Watts Family Murders

    From Reddit u/Mason3637:

    Chris Watts. I don't know why I am so invested in it. I just can't wrap my head around a seemingly normal person can murder his whole family and think that he's going to start a new life with his girlfriend.


    From Reddit u/flowsion94:

    I just watched a YouTuber who breaks down body language, and he observed the body cam/interrogation footage of Watts. That man was pooping his pants the whole time to cover his tracks, especially when they were all watching the neighbor’s security cam footage. The creepiest part of the body cam footage is when he starts to smile at certain points, exploiting his social blindspots as a narcissist. That dude is a straight-up monster.