The 15 Most Unforgivable Anime Moments That Made Our Blood Boil

Some crimes can never be forgiven, even in anime. Sometimes, a character commits an act so terrible that no one, not the audience or the characters, can ever look at the same way again. 

What are the most unforgivable anime moments? Everybody has their own two or three that strike them as particularly painful. But while opinions will vary, most people would probably agree that Shou Tucker's treatment of his daughter and his dog is pretty unforgivable. In fact, child experimentation is a pretty common transgression - Bondrewd made life hell for Mitty and Nanachi in Made in Abyss, and Kai Chisaki put Eri through untold suffering in My Hero Academia. Other moments involve betrayal, like when Rachel turns on Bam at the end of Tower of God, or when Daigo Kagemitsu offers his baby up to a group of demons in Dororo. 

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    Shou Tucker Fuses His Wife & Daughter With Dogs In 'Fullmetal Alchemist'

    No matter how many times we hear about this one, it never gets any less painful. State Alchemist Shou Tucker established his career by creating a 'chimera' which was really just his wife fused with a dog. His wife was so miserable with her new form that he begged to be ended. 

    But Shou didn't take that as a sign that he'd gone too far. In order to keep his license, he had to show some results - so he did the same thing to his four-year-old daughter Nina and another dog. The worst part? He doesn't feel guilty in the least - just sad about how misunderstood he is. 

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    Malty Makes A False Accusation In 'The Rising of the Shield Hero'

    In order to appease some weird cult that she's part of, Princess Malty S. Melromarc horribly betrays Naofumi Iwatani, a young man who was just transported to her world in order to be the Shield Hero. She claims that he sexually assaulted her, and because she's a princess and he's already saddled with an unearned bad reputation just by being the Shield Hero, everyone instantly believes her.

    Naofumi doesn't go to prison or get executed because he has World Saving duties to attend to, but he has to deal with his new world in total isolation. It doesn't help that Malty keeps trying to assassinate him, either. 

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    Bondrewd's Experiments In 'Made In Abyss'

    Bondrewd's Experiments In 'Made In Abyss'
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    Child experimentation is generally not a good look, especially when it involves sending hundreds of children to their untimely demise. In order to find a way to mitigate the Curse of the Abyss, Bondrewd sent groups of orphans down into the Abyss in elevators, destroying nearly all of them during the ascent. Among the only survivors were Mitty and Nanachi. Nanachi morphed into a strange, rabbitlike creature, while Mitty turned into a melted glob of immortality who can no longer think as she once did.

    Instead of showing anything resembling remorse, Bondrewd puts Mitty through a series of painful experiments in the hopes of figuring out what the Abyss did to her. The torment only stops when Nanachi picks Mitty up and runs away. 

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    Kai Chisaki Abuses Eri In 'My Hero Academia'

    Tormenting children for scientific gain is generally pretty inexcusable, and the case of Kai Chisaki and Eri is no exception. Kai wanted to create a world in which quirks didn't exist - he considered quirks to be a disease that made humanity filthy.

    He thought he'd be able to do it using a little girl named Eri. Her quirk, Rewind, allowed her to turn things backwards in time. He hoped he'd be able to use it to turn human evolution backwards, but in the meantime, he was focused on created quirk destroying drugs.

    But to accomplish this, he had to put Eri through excruciatingly painful experiments, and keep her isolated in a compound. Considering what he put her through, it's hard to feel sorry for him when Shigaraki lops his hands off, later.