17 Cold-Blooded 'One Piece' Villains Whose Actions Are Unforgivable

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One Piece is filled with villains that are both despicable and sympathetic, successfully blurring the lines of good and bad. But when they're bad, they're downright awful. Fans will find both Emperors of the Sea below on this list, considering the atrocities Big Mom and Kaido have committed. 

The most ruthless villains in One Piece include Doflamingo, who is highly considered one of the best anime villains of all time. There are a few villains whose actions are unforgivable, like Spandam and Arlong. Take a look below and vote up the most cold-blooded One Piece villains who can never be redeemed. 

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    Celestial Dragons

    Mariejois is home to the world government, the Celestial Dragons, and some of the darkest storylines in One Piece. Mariejois is rife with slavery, in fact a lot of the most beloved characters have been imprisoned and sold by the Celestial Dragons, like Boa Hancock, Koala, and Camie. The Celestial Dragons are above the law and can basically do whatever they want without consequence.  

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    Akainu wasn't going to stop until Ace was executed. In fact, one of the most emotional moments in the series was seeing Garp go after Akainu but being stopped by Sengoku. The war in Marineford was dramatic and devastating, ending in Ace's tragic fatality. A majority of fans will never forgive Akainu for this, especially because there are so few instances in One Piece where a beloved character actually dies.

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    Spandam made all of our blood boil. He was the lead pursuer of Nico Robin during the Enies Lobby arc, one of the most emotional and unforgettable arcs in the entirety of One Piece. He threatened Robin maliciously with the threat of a Buster Call, the very thing that desecrated her home island, Ohara. As if this type of psychological torture wasn't enough, Spandam had the nerve to physically hurt her time and time again while she was helpless in sea prism handcuffs.

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    Wano's lore expands deep, starting with the tragedy of Kozuki Oden. Orochi participated in a con his entire life, gaining the trust of Kozuki Oden and ultimately stealing his family's title of Shogun with the help of Kaido. Orochi used the strength of Kaido and the Beast Pirates to defeat Oden and take over Wano, only beginning the atrocities they would later commit. 

    From starving the nation to feeding impoverished people defunct devil fruits that permanently harm them, Orochi is a true monster. Literally, his snake-snake fruit transforms him into an enormous, six-headed serpent. Orochi is the definition of greedy and self-serving, especially seen in his actions towards Kozuki Hiyori. 

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    Marshall "Blackbeard" Teach

    If you loved Thatch, you hate Blackbeard. Marshall "Blackbeard" Teach was raised on Whitebeard's ship and was apart of Pops' sacred family. This makes it all the more confusing when he goes against The Whitebeard Pirates by robbing Thatch's newly acquired dark-dark devil fruit and killing him in his wake. This isn't the only time Blackbeard disrespects the legendary pirate who took him in.

    After the Marineford War, Blackbeard effectively stole Whitebeard's quake-quake fruit by absorbing it through his corpse. After he successfuly gained the power of the quake-quake fruit, Blackbeard became the strongest devil fruit user in the world, harboring two of the strongest devil fruits at once. 

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    Out of all the terrible anime fathers, Judge Vinsmoke ranks very high. Sanji's father was unidentified until the Whole Cake Island arc, where the audience learned the chain-smoking cook was royalty. Judge performed cruel experimentation on his wife, Sora, in order to make superhuman offspring. This was successful in the birth of Sanji's siblings, Ichiji, Niji, Yonji, and Reiju, who were born with super strength and less empathy than normal humans. However, Sora suffered, and ultimately passed away.

    Sanji was obviously the outliar. He was less physically inclined than his siblings and was so kind he even fed the rats. Judge not only turned a blind eye when Sanji's brothers beat him to the brink of death, but he went as far as to fake his death. To solidify the lie, Judge locked Sanji away in a prison cell underneath their castle to rot. He vehemently resented Sanji for possessing the good morals Zeff taught him.

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