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25 Unfortunate Car Owners Who Are Having A Way Worse Day Than Us

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Owning a car is scary just for the fact that when something bad happens to it, like getting keyed or towed, it's one of the most infuriating feelings. Here's a collection of some unfortunate car owners whose bad days were a little worse than getting towed: we're talking about having whole doors stolen and boulders falling on the hood. Hopefully you aren't having a terrible day, but if you are, at least you're not them.

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    "Picked My Car Up From The Mechanic Yesterday After Having A Bunch Of Things Replaced Totaling $2100 Just To Have Burst Into Flames On Me This Morning."

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    "Truck Carrying White Paint Dropped It On The Road"

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    "Getting A Speeding Ticket As Your Car Is Being Towed"

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    "Someone Stole The Doors Off A Neighbors Car Last Night"

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