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UnFunny Comedians

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List RulesThose who have had Stand-up specials, performed as a solo act only.

Some people are funny with the right supporting cast, others just suck, but keep getting work. These comedians have had some funny parts, but their stand up simply is terrible.
  • Dane Cook
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    Don't get this guy. Material is dry and topics are really generic. Not funny.
  • David Spade
    Photo: Christopher Polk / Getty Images
    Never found him to be funny. Has some moments on film with Chris Farley, but his days at SNL were considered the worst in that show's history. Keeps pooping up on tv though.
  • Colin Quinn
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    I actually saw him in the 1980's at a club in DC. Felt like asking for my money back. Had runs in MTV and SNL, but his raspy voice is just irritating. Some people must love that, because he has an one man show on broadway.
  • Must have some friends in high place, cuz he just plain out sucks. Maybe it's me, but his humor seems to appeal to those without a pulse. Sorry.