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13 Cartoon Characters That Did Not Live Happily Ever After  

Cynthia Griffith
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People tend to think that all Disney animated movies, from best to worst, are a plethora of happily ever afters. But if you stop to think about it, lots of these movies feature sad cartoon endings that people perceive as happy because they only put themselves in the shoes of the main character.

All cartoon flicks, not just Disney, almost always end well for the main character, but they tend to end terribly for almost everybody else in the film. There are even instances where the main character is faced with what looks like a good fate, but is actually doomed with an unhappy destiny. People turn to cartoon movies with high expectations, with a comfortable notion that the ending will be full of hope and bright promises for the future.

But what's often ignored is the fact that there's sad moments in what only appears to be happy films - heck, it's often missed that there are some racist Disney movies, like Peter Pan and AladdinRead on to catch a fresh take on these classic tales by seeing the outcomes as they actually are. From broken toys and child donkeys to ruined planets and uncaring husbands, here’s a look at happy cartoon films with endings that weren't as peachy as first perceived.

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Bing Bong Got Banished From Existence In Inside Out
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Photo:  Walt Disney Pictures

Seriously, what did this pink fellow in Inside Out do to deserve such a bleak and horrific future? In animated “happy ending” tales, creatures created by imaginative children seem to always get the short end of the magical wand. While there are some fan theories that suggest that Bing Bong left and lived on in another dimension, such an event was never really implied in the movie.

This is one of the saddest moments in Disney movie history, with this noble goofball sacrificing himself for Joy and basically vanishing into oblivion. His famous last words, "Take her to the moon for me," paint a vivid picture of one imaginary friend who is most certainly not going to the moon. And while his sacrifice helped Joy reach her goal, there’s no denying that Bing-Bong’s end is a tearjerker.

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The Six Year Olds Who Turned Into Donkeys Suffered Terrible Endings In Pinnochio
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Photo:  Walt Disney Studios

Remember the young boys who were mislead in Pinnochio's Pleasure Island sequence? They were turned into donkeys and forced into slave labor. They were never rescued and are probably still toiling away at the circus, missing their mommies to this very day. Their voices breaking into braeing moans was one of the most heartwrenching moments in all of cinema history. 

And what of the one little boy who looked like a donkey but sounded like a human? He was placed in a different section of the auction and our imaginations were left to wonder what horrifying fate awaited him. He didn't want to be a donkey anymore and his tears still echo out in our nightmares. How is that a happy ending? 

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Those Poor Little ‘80s Kitchen Gadgets In A Brave Little Toaster Have The Worst Lives And Deaths
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Photo:  Walt Disney Studios

In the land of Happy Endings, inanimate objects are deemed as expendable and unimaginably tortured all the time. This is true in many animated films, but The Brave Little Toaster drives the point home. These kitchen gadget “beings” have thoughts and feelings, but no freedom whatsoever.

Almost all of them meet a dark and horrifying end throughout the film. For example, there are the broken-down cars in the junkyard being stored on top of one another and crushed down to spare parts. And don't forget the main character, the little toaster himself? He makes a failed attempt at suicide, only to be put back together again so he can do what? Become a prince? Find true love? Retire on a sunny beach somewhere? No. He’s put back together again so he can - drumroll, please - continue to be a toaster.

Along the way, people see a flower die, meet a miserable air conditioner who spends his entire life trapped in a wall, and watch a blender get massacred in ways that would inspire the maniac in Saw

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Toy Story Was Totally Grim For The Mutant Toys, And Probably For Sid, Too
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Sid, from the first movie Toy Story series, is clearly a psychopath who takes all his daddy issues out on his toys. The films create a pretty deep metaphor about how sick environments are created. Things end badly for the painfully mutated toys who look like they were put together by a mad scientist, but the sadder part of this scenario is that Sid’s pretty sick in the head. His father is absent for reasons unexplained.

There are some pretty believable theories that suggest that Sid’s father is a deadbeat who left the family stranded. But instead of dwelling on the sad kid next door who’s so broken by his dad’s disappearance that he’s taking his emotions out on inanimate objects, Toy Story highlights a happy ending for only Woody and Buzz. 

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