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The Most Questionable Moments Of Heroism In 'Star Wars'

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At its core, the Star Wars saga is a series of films about unlikely heroes rising to the occasion to fight evil in whatever form it takes. The films are breathtaking and inspiring, and they’ve influenced more than one person to choose the way of the light instead of going to the dark side, but not everything that the characters do in the films is on the up and up. Characters like Han Solo and Cassian Andor have to work their way into being heroes, while Luke Skywalker finally breaks after a lifetime of good and commits one of the most unheroic Star Wars moments in the series. 

This doesn’t mean that the Rebels are actually evil, or that the Imperial Army isn’t wrong (it is); it’s just that not every action carried out by the heroes in Star Wars is going to go down as a pristine example of how a person should act.