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People Who Didn't Know They Were Eating People

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Imagine going to a barbecue and enjoying some delicious burgers and sausages, then finding out later that you ate more than just pork and beef. This list is full of people who ate humans unintentionally. They were the secondary victims of people who served humans as food.

A lot of serial killers ate their victims, but only a handful went the extra mile to serve those victims to their friends, their neighbors, or unsuspecting customers who just thought they were buying delicious meat pies. These instances are rare, but still, after you read this list, you might want to think about becoming a vegetarian, just in case.

  • Customers Of Joe Metheny's Meat Stand

    Photo: Baltimore Police Department / Fair Use

    Joe Metheny is a serial killer who took 10 lives in the 1990s. He was nicknamed "The Cannibal Killer" because he opened a meat stand during his spree and served human meat mixed with pork.

    Whether his customers ever figured out what they actually ate is unknown.

  • Customers Of A Cafe In Moscow

    According to the Daily Mail, in 2011, a Russian chef took the life of his father-in-law after an argument, and then used meat from his remains to make pies, which he served to customers in a popular cafe.

    Neither the suspect nor the cafe was named, but it was located about two miles from the Kremlin. Apparently, dozens of pies were sold before police figured out what the chef had put in them.

  • Nathaniel Bar-Jonah's Neighbors

    Video: YouTube

    Nathaniel Bar-Jonah was a serial killer who allegedly served the meat of a 10-year-old boy to guests at a neighborhood barbecue.

    He was eventually sentenced to 130 years in prison for multiple crimes.

  • Residents Of Quetta, Pakistan

    Video: YouTube

    In 2014, the Daily Mail published a story about human meat being served by two brothers in Quetta, one of the largest cities in Pakistan. Apparently, people began to realize that something was wrong when they smelled odd odors coming from their home.

    The brothers had been robbing graves and using the meat from human remains in their curries. They were arrested, and Pakistan officially outlawed cannibalism following the scandal.