Kids Who Accidentally Texted Their Parents Very Embarrassing Messages

The next time you think you're having the worst day ever, come on in and check out this group of kids mistakenly texting their parents. It'll give you automatic reassurance that things could always be worse. That's right, no matter what challenges your day may have held, these texts accidentally sent to parents are here to make them look like a birthday party in comparison. So the next time your boss chews you out or you fail that huge midterm, simply get a load of the list below and prepare to find a much needed boost in the fact that at least you didn't accidentally text your dad the eggplant emoji.

Below you'll meet a group of mortified individuals who accidentally texted their parents everything from love notes meant for significant others to confessions about what they were really doing last night. While some manage to come up with a wily way to talk their way out of the situation or even find their parents surprisingly understanding, unfortunately not all of them are so lucky.

Prepare yourself to laugh, cry, cringe, and beyond as you check out the worst instances of kids accidentally texting their parents in texting history!