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19 Unintentionally Creepy Historical Photos

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It's not always quite clear what makes a photo creepy. Sometimes it's the atmosphere, other times it's the story behind it, and every once in a while it's the dark shadow standing in the corner that looks eerily like a person staring directly at the photo's subject, waiting for the perfect time to strike.

More often than not, people don't set out to make a creepy old photo, but somehow, overtime the many photos people take become unintentionally creepy. Was the photo intended to memorialize a fun day with family? Now it's creepy. Was it meant to create a record of wartime? Now it's creepy. A photo of all the mummies found during an excavation? Well - that was probably always creepy (and maybe to some a little weird) but it wasn't necessarily the purpose of the photo.

Maybe the only way to truly understand unintentional creepiness is by looking through a set of creepy old photos.