Girls Reveal The Most Unintentionally Sexy Things Guys Do

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What does your guy do to really get you going? Sure, there are the obvious turn-ons, but it's a safe bet that he doesn't even know half of the things he does that make you melt. You just can't resist the unintentionally hot things guys do – from the way they talk in that adorable sleepy voice in the morning to the way the roll up the sleeves on their dress shirts.

Out of all the everyday stuff guys do that turns you on, only a fraction of them have to actually do with sexy times. There's nothing more attractive than a compassionate man who listens, can cook you dinner, and isn't afraid to show he cares (with none of that overrated macho stuff).  

Men are hot and that's a fact, even if they don't know it. Here are some of the most unintentionally sexy things guys do.

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    He Makes You Laugh

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    He Listens When You Want To Vent

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    He Puts His Hand On The Small Of Your Back

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    He Squeezes Your Hand Randomly When You're Out In Public

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    He Leans Down For A Kiss

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    He Pulls You In Closer To Him While He's Sleeping

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    He Bear Hugs You From Behind

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    He Buys Your Favorite Snacks Just Because

  • 9

    He Cooks You Dinner

  • 10

    He Kisses You On The Forehead

  • 11

    He Fixes And/Or Builds Something

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    He's Good With Children

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    He Does Chores Without You Having To Ask

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    He Runs His Hands Through Your Hair

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    He Rolls Up The Sleeves Of His Dress Shirt

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    He Scratches Your Back Randomly

  • 17

    He Leans In When He's Talking To You

  • 18

    He Makes You Breakfast

  • 19

    He Talks To You In A Sleepy Voice In The Morning

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    He Watches Your Favorite Show, Even Though He Doesn't Like It

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    He Half-Smiles Because He's Nervous

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    He Gets Excited About His Job

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    He Runs His Hands Through His Hair

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    He Orders Takeout (So You Don't Have To)

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    He Makes You Coffee In The Morning