The LaChance Family Only Lived In The Union Screaming House For 13 Days Before They Fled In Terror

In the spring of 2001, single father Steven LaChance moved into an old home in Union, MO, with his three children. Although the house seemed perfect for the family at first, they almost immediately began experiencing paranormal activity that rapidly escalated. After less than two weeks in the home, LaChance and his family quickly moved out, sick of being tormented by what would later become known as the Union Screaming House.

In 2008, Steven LaChance published a book about his family's experience called The Uninvited. While the book changes some names and details to protect people's identities, this list covers the chilling original story of the Union Screaming House.

  • In May 2001, Steven LaChance And His Three Children Were Desperately Searching For A New Home

    The story of the Union Scream House begins in May 2001, when the lease on the apartment Steven LaChance had shared with his three children for the past two years was set to expire. LaChance was a single father and struggled to find a new home for his family.

    After scouring newspapers for rental ads and putting in calls, he eventually received a call back from a woman who was renting out an old house in Union, MO, a small town roughly 50 miles south of St. Louis. The woman invited LaChance to attend an open house that Sunday to see the home for himself.

  • LaChance Attended An Open House For A Cherub-Filled Home

    When Steven LaChance and his daughter arrived at the open house that Sunday, they were greeted by an old Craftsman home that sported a large front porch lined with columns. It was also significantly larger than the cramped apartment the family had been sharing over the previous several years.

    Upon entering the home, LaChance noticed it was well-maintained but had some unusual features. In the main living area was an intricate wallpaper border with illustrations of cherubs lining the entire room. In the basement, there was a fruit cellar, as well as a butcher shower. The shower was cement and designed for washing off blood after butchering an animal.

    Despite the home's oddities, LaChance believed it was the house for them.

  • LaChance Decided To Fill Out A Rental Application, Even Though The Landlady Seemed Strange

    According to LaChance, a number of prospective renters checked out the home that Sunday, and he decided to fill out a rental application on the spot. When he handed the completed application to the landlady, she replied, “You understand the responsibility that comes with living in an old house such as this?”

    LaChance found the question - and the woman's overall behavior - strange. LaChance has stated that the woman acted as if the house were a museum rather than a rental property; however, he overlooked the woman's eccentricities and signed a lease later that week after she selected LaChance and his family as the new tenants.

  • The Family Began Moving In Memorial Day Weekend

    With the lease on the family's old apartment about to expire, Steven LaChance moved into the house with his daughter and two sons over Memorial Day weekend of 2001.

    As they were unpacking the moving van, a car drove past the house, slowed down, and rolled down the window. The person inside the car said to LaChance and his children, “Hope you get along okay here,” before driving off. Furthermore, LaChance's daughter later noticed that people walking down their block would cross to the other side of the street rather than walk directly past the house.

    LaChance also observed on the first day that the bedroom doors featured hook-and-eye latches, but the latches weren't on the inside of the doors in order to keep people out; instead, the latches were on the outside so someone could be locked inside the room.

  • Unexplained Occurrences Began Almost Immediately

    Soon after moving into the house, the LaChance family began noting strange experiences with light and electricity. The family said they could feel electric currents running through the house; however, an electrician LaChance hired was unable to find any electrical issues in the home.

    Bright lights would also shine in through the windows without warning. Although the family would usually run outside to investigate, they were never able to identify the source of the bright lights.

    One day, LaChance attempted to hang a picture of an angel on the wall. Despite multiple attempts to secure it, the picture would repeatedly fall off the wall; at one point, it almost appeared to jump from its hook before crashing to the floor.

  • One Of LaChance's Sons Was The First To Encounter An Entity In The Basement

    In addition to the bright lights and electrical charges, doors in the house began opening and slamming shut seemingly on their own; however, one of the LaChance boys eventually spotted an entity in the home's basement. The entity allegedly chased the boy, and when LaChance asked what it looked like, his son said, “I don’t know, Daddy, but it was big.”

    LaChance and his two other children searched the basement for an intruder but found no one. LaChance assumed the story of the basement “monster” was just his son's imagination.