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20+ Uncommon Dog Names As Unique As Your Pup

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Everyone knows of a dog named Spot, Rex, and Fido. There are just certain tried-and-true names all dog owners have heard of. There is not necessarily anything wrong with any of these common names, but some people want to think outside of the box. They want to name their dog something no one else would even think of. Fortunately, there are still plenty of unique names for dogs out there. Do not be surprised if people ask you to repeat your dog's name a few times because there's a good chance they have never met a pooch named something on this list before. 

You can find unusual inspiration almost anywhere. You can use names ordinarily reserved for people that don't normally go toward pets. You can look at your favorite pop culture phenomena, such as Harry Potter, Star Wars, or Disney names, and find some rare names in those universes. The possibilities are endless, and you are only limited by your imagination. 

Celebrities often pick unusual names for their kids, so you should feel more than welcome to give your pup a unique name along those same lines. This list contains numerous uncommon dog name ideas, so start brainstorming! And don't forget to vote up your favorites. 


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List Rules: Vote up the names you've never heard at the dog park.