The Most Unique Songs To Use For A First Dance 

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What are the most unique songs for first dance? This list includes great unique songs such as "Anyone But You," ”I was Made For You,” and “White Wedding.” Just because a song is being used for a first dance during a wedding doesn't mean that it can't be fun or offbeat. Newlyweds can take this moment to really let their personality shine through with their favorite song or by busting a move to a non-stereotypical wedding dance song. Some of these songs can even be used for a mother/son or father/daughter dance.

So many love songs have been overused and worn out for a first wedding dance, so this list is all about mixing it up. These love songs aren't the same old mish mosh you're used to listening to at a wedding, so take a look through and vote up all your favorite offbeat songs to use for a first dance. Know of a song that would be great for a first dance but isn't on the list? Feel free to add it. 

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The classic Beatles song done by a modern band.
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The Beach Boys
An incredibly sweet tune about a difficult yet fantastic relationship.
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Incredibly quirky and folksy love song off the "Juno" soundtrack
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A grunge love song of the '90s makes for an unusual choice.
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A song with a sweet message, but The Cure has always been for those of an alternative vein, making this an unusual pick.
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Randy Ferchuk added Eurythmics
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A love song from Johnny Cash to June Carter for sure, but the songs roots in a trouble relationship and ominous tempo make it an unusual pick.
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Soft and romantic but perhaps under used, this Norah Jones songs makes a good choice.
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This unusual pick is a country tune about finding love on after traveling a lonely road.
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The UB40 rendition of this song makes it an unusual pick for first dance
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Jack Johnson
Jack Johnson is generally a choice for the less traditional. His quirky and laid back style makes this love song an unusual pick.
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The Police
Another incredibly fun love song, but not your traditional first dance song.
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Up temp and wildly entertaining this song is less traditional than most first dance choices.
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Billy Idol
This super charged '80s rock song might not be the most common choice, but its totally appropriate.
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Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan doesn't have the most romantic of voices but the sentiment of this song certainly is romantic.
Let's Get It On is listed (or ranked) 16 on the list The Most Unique Songs To Use For A First Dance
Marvin Gaye
Another unusual pick with a sense of humor.
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A song meant for feeling great and letting go, but not your typical wedding pick.
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A kitschy 80s song might not be your first pick but it defiitely sets the tone for a unique first dance.
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Another up tempo number makes the which makes this a bit of unusual choice.
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This stark version of the song is a bit eerie but not for a bewitching and beguiled set of newlyweds.
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Van Morrison
This Van Morrison song has a bit of a sad tinge to it making it an unusual choice.
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Not doubt a romantic love song, but this solemn song makes this a more unusual pick.
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Nathalie Merchan'ts version is a super slowed down version of this wistful love song, all of which makes it an unusual pick.
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John Hiatt
A romntic love song, but perhaps its under-achieving essage makes it a more unsual pick.
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Mitch Connell added The Archies