The Most Unique Songs To Use For A First Dance

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What are the most unique songs for first dance? This list includes great unique songs such as "Anyone But You," ”I was Made For You,” and “White Wedding.” Just because a song is being used for a first dance during a wedding doesn't mean that it can't be fun or offbeat. Newlyweds can take this moment to really let their personality shine through with their favorite song or by busting a move to a non-stereotypical wedding dance song. Some of these songs can even be used for a mother/son or father/daughter dance.

So many love songs have been overused and worn out for a first wedding dance, so this list is all about mixing it up. These love songs aren't the same old mish mosh you're used to listening to at a wedding, so take a look through and vote up all your favorite offbeat songs to use for a first dance. Know of a song that would be great for a first dance but isn't on the list? Feel free to add it. 

Most divisive: Just Like Heaven
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  • Power of Love
    A kitschy 80s song might not be your first pick but it defiitely sets the tone for a unique first dance.
  • Lean On Me
    14 votes
    Usually a song played to denote friendships, this one makes for a bit of an unusual first dance choice.
  • A love song from Johnny Cash to June Carter for sure, but the songs roots in a trouble relationship and ominous tempo make it an unusual pick.
  • Of course a queen song makes for an unusual first dance song.
  • Sugar Sugar
    11 votes
  • Up temp and wildly entertaining this song is less traditional than most first dance choices.