Total Nerd 12 Incredibly Unique Force Powers From Across The Star Wars Universe  

Tamar Altebarmakian
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List Rules Vote up the coolest and most effective Force abilities that never get as much play as moving objects or shooting lightning bolts.

Most Star Wars fans fantasize about wielding the Force at one point or another - some fans have even been caught trying to use the Force. But did you know that there are many more ways to use the Force than just moving objects? Everyone is familiar with the Jedi Mind Trick and the Force Choke, but there are so many more abilities. For example, some Jedi can produce a variant of Force Lightning and powerful Sith can create massive hyperspace wormholes. 

The number of unusual ways to use the Force in Stars Wars is as vast as the franchise's universe. Only the most powerful Star Wars characters get to wield the greatest, most kick*ss skills. Test your Force knowledge and see how many of these strange Jedi and Sith abilities you’ve come across in your galactic travels. Vote up the most awesome Force powers that you've never heard of before. 

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Shatterpoint is a Force ability which allows the user to sense the weak points in an object or person, enabling the Force user to easily exploit that weakness. In the novel Shatterpoint, Mace Windu describes the power as follows: "I sometimes can see the weak places in an opponent - shatterpoints where the unbreakable can be broken. They can occur in individuals… and in events."

For example, Mace was able to sense that former Jedi, Count Dooku, was a shatterpoint in the war between the Republic and the Separatists. If he killed Dooku, he could have ended the war and perhaps prevented the rise of the Empire, but his attachment to his former friend kept him from doing so.

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Electric Judgement

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Electric Judgement is primarily a Light Side power and is very similar to Force Lightning. However, unlike Force Lightning, Electric Judgement often appears as green or yellow lightning and, for some of its users, doesn’t require tapping into the Dark Side of the Force. A handful of Force users, like Darth Plagueis, believe Electric Judgment to be a lackluster version of Force Lightning.

Since the power was associated with the Dark Side skill, Force Lightning, many Jedi frowned upon its use. However, Master Plo Koon uses the power without feeling any anger or hate. It is believed that Luke Skywalker is also able to use the power in the Dark Nest Trilogy.  During a battle, he produces green lightning to save his niece and nephew, killing a Slayer who threatened his kin.

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Dark Transfer

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Dark Transfer was initially a power thought to be accessible only through the Dark Side. It allows the user to resurrect the dead, but it can also be used to kill someone. The most notable user of Dark Transfer is Cade Skywalker, who uses it to kill the Sith Lady Darth Talon (he uses the power again to resurrect her). Cade later learns that he can access the power through the Light Side, resurrecting Deliah Blue and his Morrigan Corde with love and compassion.

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Battle Meditation

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This Force ability is more common than some of the other powers on this list, but it's rarely seen in action. Battle Meditation allows the user to enhance the coordination, morale, stamina, and battle skills of their allies while weakening the resolve of the opposition. Battle meditation could turn the tide of any war.

As such, this ability is frequently used by the likes of Yoda, Palpatine, and other adept Jedi and Sith. One notable user of Battle Meditation is Bastila Shan, who uses it to great effect in the Knights of the Old Republic games during the Jedi Civil War and the Battle of Rakata Prime.