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Cool & Cheap Off-Season Summer Destinations

We all want to go on adventures. And our wanderlust is never more powerful during the summer months when we're aching to get away from school, work, and the other boring parts of our mundane lives. Yet there always seems to be one little catch that gets in the way: the amount of money in our bank accounts. Well, its time to set those worries aside, because we've put together a great list of off-season summer destinations.

Just because it's summer in the U.S. and people are flocking to the beach, that doesn't mean it's summer everywhere else. These unique summer vacation ideas will let you enjoy some time off without making you go broke. For example, the U.S.'s summer months are Australia's winter months. That's good news for you because that means you can get some pretty cheap airfares and hotel deals simply because you'll be traveling during "off-peak" or "off-season" times. Woohoo!

Whether you're a beach lover, a hiker, or a city-goer, you can find some amazing solo destinations or family vacation ideas as long as you're willing to jump off the beaten path. Places like Cartagena, Colombia, and Quito, Ecuador might not have been on your list of travel destinations before, but once you see how you can get an amazing deal, they might just jump to the top. Places like Reykjavik, Iceland also give you a lot of bang for your buck - since summertime means almost 24 hours of daylight in the northern country, you get way more vacation time for a lot less money. 

So before you book that expensive airfare and hotel for your summer vacation, take a look at our list and vote up the out of the ordinary summer destination that makes you want to pack your bags ASAP!
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    Sydney, Australia

    Summer in the U.S. is Winter in Australia, which means it's the cheapest season to fly there. According to AboutAustralia.com airfare from L.A. to Sydney is $2,000 versus $2,700 in peak season. The best part is, the Sydney Opera House is open year-round and Australia's beaches are among the best in the world. 

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    According to Brad's Deals, "Las Vegas doesn’t have too much of an 'off-season', but with desert temperatures that could be in the triple digits, plus a tendency for rain, July tends to be a bit slower, especially during the week." If it gets too hot, all you have to do is grab a spot at a slot machine! Drinks are free if you're gambling! 
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    The Florida Keys, Florida, USA

    Photo: Jmoss chud / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-SA 4.0

    According to Go Florida, the summer months in the Florida Keys are off season. That means rooms are cheaper and Key West is less crowded. It's important to note that the Keys are popular for Florida residents, so you'll want to consider visiting during mid-week rather than staying over the weekends.

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    Crete, Greece

    Despite the fact that July and August are the busiest months on the island, a lot of hotels offer early booking bonuses on package deals. Also, according to U.S. News, the end of the summer has the best deals. While you're there, "dine at a local taverna, or enjoy a glass of raki at a sidewalk café."
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